Tattoo Placements and What They Say About You

Tattoos have gained popularity through the years and what was a taboo before has now sort of become a rite of passage. Everyone seems to have a tattoo or want one it seems. Even those you wouldn’t really expect. You’ve probably already read our article on things to consider before you get inked and if you haven’t, check it out!

Of course, tattoos are not for everyone and regardless of how beautiful the piece may be to you, there will always be haters and there will always be judgemental people. Don’t take too much of these to heart. If you love your tattoo, who cares what anyone else thinks. Here are some things to keep in mind about tattoo placements.

Typical Girl Tattoo Placements

Lower Back

Tattoo Placements and What They Say About You

A.K.A tramp stamps. You’re probably a female, over the age of 30 who got this tattoo when you were in your late teens to early 20’s. You thought you were being cool. You thought you were entering the world of tattoos with grace. In a time when tattoos were most popular among men, you wanted something feminine. You probably have a butterfly or flower of some sorts. You probably also regret it very, very much.

Nape of the Neck

Tattoo Placements and What They Say About You

Perfect for girls that want a script tattoo or the ohm symbol. You probably wanted something you could hide with your hair (if it’s long) and show off when it’s tied in a ponytail. You can find these girls posing in pictures, facing away from the camera, holding their hair in a ponytail with their arms above their heads to make sure their tattoos are seen. And/or doing yoga.

Behind the Ear

Tattoo Placements and What They Say About You

Again, these tattoos are for girls that want to show off their tattoos when they want to. Easily coverable with hair or very visible when you sweep your hair to one side. These girls usually have something small and dainty. The usual suspects you can find here are astrological symbols, anchors or music notes.


Tattoo Placements and What They Say About You

Wrist tattoos are generally two worded motivational sayings (i.e. Stay Strong) or little reminders to smile or love or something along those lines. These girls like to put sayings on their wrists because they will obviously forget to do these things if they don’t. These people are usually posing with their wrists out or playing with their hair to make sure you see their ink.


Tattoo Placements and What They Say About You

These tattoos are usually longer scripts. Possibly a line from their favourite book but most likely it’s something really cliché. These are pretty much the longer version of tattoos that they wanted on their wrist but couldn’t fit so decided to put here. You can find these girls usually wearing strapless or off the shoulder tops to make sure their tattoos are seen.


Tattoo Placements and What They Say About You

This area is reserved for bigger art pieces. Trees, branches, and flowers can be found here more often than not. Cherry blossoms are really popular. Oh, and feathers. These girls are artistic and not afraid to express it. These girls live in bikinis whenever they can so they can show off their body art.


Tattoo Placements and What They Say About You

This has become a really trendy spot as of late and you can see a lot of girls rocking bigger pieces here as well. If you have a tattoo here, you are probably ahead of the trend and super fashionable. They can have an air of mystery as well if it’s higher up and near your hip. Thigh tattoos are not your typical tattoo placements (unless everyone’s hiding them under their pants) but they soon might be. You can find mandalas or dream catchers here.


Tattoo Placements and What They Say About You

Feet tattoos are for people that actually like their feet and want to show them off. But really, who wants to see feet? No one. So unless you’re getting a tattoo for yourself to see, don’t get feet tattoos. They aren’t even cute. As for ankles…do people still get tattoos here? It seems like ankle tattoos are so passé.

Typical Guy Tattoo Placements


Tattoo Placements and What They Say About You

A half sleeve means he might work in a career that requires him to wear a dress shirt so even if he gets hot and has to roll up his sleeves, the tattoos are not visible. If he has a full sleeve, he probably doesn’t work a typical 9-5 job. Regardless, arm tattoos are sexy and guys that usually have tattoos here do so to show off those guns.


Tattoo Placements and What They Say About You

Guys that have chest tattoos are usually really confident about their chest. They will definitely not have hair here which is why they can tattoo here. You can find these guys in v-necks 99% of the time because they want to show off their art. Guys rarely get script and if they were, this is where you would find it.


Tattoo Placements and What They Say About You

Guys that have back tattoos like to be shirtless because how else are they going to show off that sexy back? These tattoos are usually tribal inspired images, dragons or another animal. These guys are usually douchey and think they are so hot when they’re really not. But we all love a good asshole here and there, right?


Tattoo Placements and What They Say About You

Guys that have calf tattoos live in shorts majority of the year. They will find any opportunity they can to wear shorts. Even if it’s winter and freezing, they will just keep their core warm and that will be enough for them. Anything to show off those legs, baby.


Tattoo Placements and What They Say About You

Guys with tattoos on their fingers have probably spent some time in jail. They don’t have a job that is strict about tattoos. They might not even have a job at all. So try and stay away from finger tattoos because they tend to fade quickly as well.

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  1. Thus far I’ve only got two; my dog’s pawprint on my right forearm near the elbow (her favorite place to paw for attention), and a bindrune on my left wrist.


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