Tattoos: Things to Consider Before You Get Inked

The newest fashion trend goes beyond clothes, its tattoos. For years we’ve heard white collar parents repeat again and again about how hard it will be to find a job, how much we will regret it and how bad it will look when we are all old and wrinkly. However, tattoos have been increasing in popularity and everyone has started to sport some ink in one way or another. From geometric shapes to flowers to roman numerals, we are the generation of artistic expression on the blank canvas that is our bodies. Whether it be a decision made during a drunken stupor, satisfying a dare, commemorating a life changing experience or to just be a walking art piece, we all want tattoos.


But here are some things to keep in mind before you jump under the needle and get something permanent done:

1. If you are not sure, DO NOT GET IT.

Getting a tattoo is permanent and can be very expensive, not to mention can also be a painful process. Getting a tattoo removed is probably twice as expensive and painful. If you have any doubt about getting a tattoo, DO NOT GET ONE. You will definitely end up regretting it.

2. Find a reputable artist/tattoo parlour.

Being a good tattoo artistic requires a lot of training and skill. Every artistic has their own specific styles and strengths. Make a visit to the shop and look around, see the examples of previous works and look up reviews from previous customers. You are trusting this person to draw something permanent on you, so make sure what they are capable of meets your expectations. If they specialize in cartoon-like drawings, I don’t think they’re the right person to help you tattoo a hyper-realistic portrait of your grandmother.

3. Be patient.

Be patient about your tattoo, how much time you spend getting it done and how much time you think about it. Keep ideas in mind, then think about it for weeks or months or even years. If you still stand by your decision and think it’s a great idea, then go for it. It’s not a good idea to just settle for something that you thought of two days ago because you think might “look cool”. Really take the time to think about it, once it gets on your skin, it’s not going anywhere fast.

4. Let the artist be the artist, but know when to intervene.

Bring pictures of something you want, but know that the artist will make changes and might possibly make more changes along the way. Trust them, they have been doing this for a long time and usually know what looks good and what doesn’t. HOWEVER, if they’re changing something and you don’t like it don’t be afraid to speak up either. You don’t want them to alter the tattoo so much that it no longer represents what you wanted it to.

5. Sanitation, sanitation, sanitation.

Make sure the tattoo parlour is clean and sanitary. The worst thing you can get is an infection. Needles, blood and sanitation are not things to play around with. Look for clean packaged needles and equipment that has not been tampered with. Also, people can be allergic to different dyes used, be aware of this!

6. Remember to eat something!

Getting a tattoo done can be a lengthy process and can span over your normal meal times. Also, it will be painful and there is a chance that you will get light headed! Remember to eat a small meal or a snack or else you might faint.


Here are some inspirations for you all:

tat1 tat2 tat3


Tell us:

What is your inspiration for your tattoo?

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  1. My inspiration on tattoos is my life, what i love, what i love to be around. I will never copy anyone’s ideas, I will never let anyone else draw them up for me. I will have a discussion with the artist on what could be changed or colors.

    • That’s definitely a good way to go about tattoos Tyler! We feel like when you have a sort of collaborative partnership with the artist- the work is so much better (and closer to you).


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