The 7 Types of Exes You Will Encounter In Your Lifetime

the 7 types of exes you will encounter

The average person has a couple of relationships in their life before they find the one. And usually it’s worth it, because you learn something from every relationship. But the leftovers (your exes) are awkward. Here are the 7 typical types of exes you’ll have.

1. The one that suddenly becomes super hot

the 7 types of exes you will encounter

Darnit, right? His surprising good looks (that only you saw in him before) and realized potential makes your blood boil. Why couldn’t he dress this nicely when he went out with you? Imagine if he’d learned the power of hair combing during the time you were dating. It almost makes you regret your break up. Almost.

But the one good thing about this is that you can now (subtly) brag that this guy is one of your exes.

2. The one who still thinks there’s a chance

It’s like your break up never happened with this guy. He doesn’t get it. You still regularly receive texts from him asking how you’re doing, if you’re free the next day. He just wants to hang out as your “friend”. Sure. But when you’re with him he’ll still flirt with you and touch your arm and whatnot. Of all your exes, this one is the most annoying.

3. The one you keep bumping into

the 7 types of exes you will encounter

The thing about exes is that you never want to run into them. It’s not intentional. You don’t want to see him and he doesn’t particularly want to see you either. But whether it’s because you both live in the same neighbourhood, have a lot of mutual friends, or frequent the same types of spots, you just keep bumping into him. And it sucks because you both have to pretend you don’t see each other so as to avoid saying hi and making meaningless small talk.

4. The one who goes back to the ex before you

The worst and most hurtful scenario is when one of your exes goes back to their ex who immediately proceeded you. It makes you wonder if what you guys shared actually meant anything, or if he was even over her while starting to date you. Because clearly there was still something there if he’s gone back to her. Were you just a rebound to him? Just a bandage to patch him up for the one who broke him in the first place? You guys might as well not have gone out.

5. The irrationally bitter one

the 7 types of exes you will encounter

Maybe you broke his heart when you ended things, or maybe his pride was hurt in some way. But he now hates you. Some might call him “crazy”. The angry texts, deleting you from all his social media, bashing you to anyone who cares to listen. Whenever you picture him (which hopefully isn’t often) you see him with his angry face on.

6. The yo-yo ex

For whatever reason, you guys just keep going back to each other. But it never works and he keeps returning to the state of “ex”. Every time you guys break it off, you remember the original reasons why you two aren’t together. But despite this, there’s something that keeps drawing you back to him.

7. The one that got away

the 7 types of exes you will encounter

This is the ex that you kind of wish was not one of your exes. You still have lingering feelings for him, but there’s not much you can do about that now. He’s gotten away and you regret that.

[quote_center]Which of these types of exes have you encountered in your life? [/quote_center]

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