The 9 Types of People We See On Instagram

There are lots of different people we see on Instagram and majority of them fall into one category or another. Everyone has their own niche of what to post (at least those that are somewhat successful do). Which one of these do you fall into? Can you spot what some of your favourite feeds are?


The 9 Types of People We See On Instagram

This person makes you jealous of all their meals. Everything always looks so damn tasty and perfect. Their chicken looks juicier and their salads more greener. They take pictures of every meal they have but are selective in what they post. They make sure their food is imperfectly perfect. Sometimes placing things out of place ever so slightly to make it more candid. We all know it’s not as candid though. The foodie goes to great lengths and struggles to take their pictures. Sometimes standing on chairs or putting their plate on chairs. Constantly looking for new ways to make your mouth water with their #onthetable shots. You can catch the foodie out at cool and hip restaurants, cafes, or even in their homes. Wherever there’s food, you’ll most likely find a foodie instagrammer (i.e. @chew.this).


The 9 Types of People We See On Instagram

The fashionista (i.e @chloezhaang) always has the best clothes. They are most likely a blogger trying to make it or have already made it. Their online presence can be sensed and you can tell when you have stumbled across a fashionistas Instagram. Her feed is filled with sweaters, lace, and #OOTDs. They are filled with hashtags like #style, #lookbook and #igstyle. You will always see her put together and even her more casual outfits are not that casual. She wears tailored sweats and make sneakers look fashionable. She is the girl you follow for sheer clothing inspiration. You want everything in her closet and you wish you could drape an oversized jacket over you and make it work. Sadly, it makes you look like a frumpy boy.


9 Types of People We See on Instagram

The minimalist (i.e. @rvstapleton) likes to keep things clean and simple. They are usually black and white feeds with minimal things (duh). It’s not that they don’t enjoy colour in their life or clutter for that matter. They just like to maintain a certain aesthetic. They are clean accounts that make sure everything is framed accordingly. Single objects are usually the showcase of the photo. As for their hashtags, they like to keep things minimal (obviously). Opting for only a select few hashtags, one of them most likely being #minimalism.


9 types of people we see on instagram

You can find the street photographer (i.e. @tilore) standing in the middle of the road, trying to get the perfect shot. They will be running down the streets #chasinglight. They are the ones you go to for beautiful pictures of architecture and cityscapes that you have long forgotten to admire. These are the people that make you realize the beauty of old architecture and buildings often overlooked. They give you new perspectives from #lookup(s) to #lookdown(s). You can find these instagrammers near interesting architecture during sunrise, sunset, and when it’s foggy out.


9 people we see on instagram

The landscape artist (i.e. @juddjonas)loves scenery. They either live in the wild or prefer to be in the wild. They are constantly on the countryside, taking pictures of wilderness. They are standing in forests, taking pictures of trees. They are beside the ocean, taking pictures of the sea and sunsets. They soak up all of nature and capture it for everyone to see. They enjoy simple things and a simple life. They don’t rely on extravagance. The landscape artist is humble and kind. They only take pictures from the earth, and only leave footprints.


9 type of people we see on instagram

These instagrammers can sometimes be hard to spot. They sometimes conceal themselves in other categories (i.e. the fashionistas or foodies). With a little training, they get a little easier to spot. They dress basic, they talk basic, and basically everything about them is basic. Things you can spot on their feed include, Starbucks, candles, macarons, uggs, and ombré hair. If someone you’re following has all of these things, they are most likely a basic bitch.


9 types of people we see on instagram

The fitness people are all about fitness. They post pictures of their work out gear, their pre-work out snacks, their green smoothies, their protein shakes, their yoga balls, their dumbbells, and their abs (obviously). They’re on that #gymgrind, #fitfam life. Don’t be fooled though. Not all of the fitness instagrammers are actually fit. These are the fake fitness people who put on running gear, but don’t actually run. These are the people you can spot at the closest in-N-out. Fitness people post progress pictures and selfies of them at the gym. Makes you wonder if they’re actually working out or just a self-obsessed selfie-er (see below) in disguise.


9 types of people we see on instagram


Do not mistaken these people for the fashionistas. Selfie-ers usually stick to their face, upwards. (With the occasional cleavage picture). These girls love themselves way too much and are constantly taking pictures of their face. These instagrammers can be boring because you can only have so many different pictures of just your face. These pictures are usually not as artsy as fashionistas and are way more narcissistic. If every other picture on your feed is a selfie, congratulations, you are a self-obsessed selfie-er. You can usually find these girls taking pictures with selfie sticks, at the mall buying selfie sticks or taking a selfies. Their favorite day is sunday because of #selfiesunday and their hashtag of choice? #selfie (of course).


9 types of people we see on instagram

The vegans (i.e. @happyandhealthy96) are foodies with a purpose. They don’t eat meat and they sometimes make you question their existence but then you see all their food and think “damn, that looks amazing”. You would think their diet was boring but everything they eat looks so damn colourful and delicious. Not to mention, weight gain seems to be no problem for them. Their feeds are colourful balls of joy that brighten your dark days. Sometimes you think of going vegan too but then you realize your love of sushi runs too deep. You can spot them at their local farmers market picking up fresh produce free of GMOs and buying fruits in bulk. We’re talking about boxes and boxes of mangos.


This person posts multiple pictures of the same thing from different angles one…after…the…other. Many of their pictures are mediocre and look so similar to each other that you wonder why they need to post so many pictures of the same damn thing. It is super annoying and they don’t seem to understand that Instagram isn’t meant for albums of pictures. If you want to post multiple pictures at once, stick to Facebook. Instagram is meant for single pictures only. Frequent pictures are great but that means 1-2 times a day, not 5 in a row.


9 types of people we see on instagram

How many times have you clicked on a user that liked your picture because you wanted to check out their feed only to find out that it’s privated? What are you posting that requires it to be “private”? This person is probably posting nudes. JK. They probably just don’t want too many strangers knowing about what they do (whatever that might be). Why do you bother having an Instagram then? Why not just stick to Facebook?

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What kind of instagrammer are you and which one’s your favorite?

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