To be honest, most of us would (probably) rather not see our exes again. This is most likely due to a restraining order… okay, no? Just me?

In all seriousness (sorta), running into your ex is probably one of the worst feelings in the world.

He probably cheated, broke your heart, used you, or if you’re really unlucky, all of the above. You would rather not see the person you thought loved you. You would rather not see the person that ripped your heart through your chest, tore it to a million pieces, and scattered them so you couldn’t even piece together who you are…or were. Anywhere is probably a bad place to run into your ex but we’ve come up with a list of the absolute worst places to run into your ex.

1. Your first date spot

Why would you even go back there?

2. The place you guys broke up

Woah, deja vu.

3. The bar

Where you see him buying another girl a drink.

4. The jewelry store

Where he’s looking for an engagement ring for his new girlfriend.

5. Club

Where you turn around and see it’s him grinding up on you and you both exchange looks of horror and then scatter to opposite sides of the club.

6. At a job interview where he’s the interviewer

Definitely not getting the job.

7. The strip club

… Where you’re working

8. Sexual health clinic.

9. Mutual friends wedding

Where you have to pretend to be happy for the couple but are secretly dying at the fact that they put you at the same table.

10. Gun range

He should probably run.

11. The gym

When you’re all sweaty and gross because real girls don’t put on makeup to work out.

12. At a restaurant you’re eating


13. At the movies

When you’re by yourself…

14. Basically any time you’re alone.

15. In your bed…

after a night of drinking where you decided it was a good idea to call him for a booty call (you dun goofed).

16. When you’re running errands and you look like you haven’t showered for a week because you probably haven’t.

Where is the worst place to run into your ex?

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