The Best Contouring Kits & Techniques For Everyday Contour

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Contouring is the biggest thing in makeup right now. Celebrities like Kim K are defining themselves by their outrageous contour techniques. Beauty Bloggers and Youtubers are jumping on board — with big makeup gurus like Goss Makeup Artist and GlamHer Booth showing extensive and jaw-dropping transformations.

If you haven’t already watched those videos, then you should probably check them out for an extensive tutorial on how to contour “like a pro”.

What we also suggest is that these videos are not meant to be taken as a daily routine.

What all makeup artists suggest in terms of contouring on the daily is to use a simple contour/sculpting kit rather than go with the extreme form of contouring Kim K does. When we see girls trying to mimic these techniques in their everyday practice, we want to roll our eyes and bury you underneath a rock. It’s not meant for work, school, or a regular day. Please do not spend an hour or more on contouring your face everyday. It’s unnatural and makes you look like a caked-on doll.

While we do agree contouring looks amazing, and can make you drop 5-10 lbs in photos, we suggest doing a natural technique with sculpting/contouring powder.

Extreme Contouring

Extreme contouring is what we see in these videos:

As you can watch from above, you need a dark foundation, 2 shades darker than your normal foundation, and a light foundation, 2 shades lighter than your normal foundation. You map your face out like a canvas:

contouring feature

When you blend it all out, you will see the definition of what professionals would call sculpting. It defines your jawlines, your cheek bones, and your eyes. But what if you wanted to do all that but make it everyday?

Every-Day Contouring

Using just bronzer and regular contouring kits, you can do this on a regular basis and not have to worry about people staring at you because you’re looking like a Kim K.


It’s important not to neglect the bronzer. Even if you are contouring, it’s good to start off with a warm, natural toned bronzer to make everything blend together. Sometimes you can sweep on a bronzer and realize that you don’t even need to contour at all!

First, start off by picking the right bronzer for your skin tone. You want it to be matte. Some of the most popular bronzers include the following:

Hoola Bronzer laguna lush naked flushed


Using your bronzer and a bronzer brush, sweep it right above the hollows of your cheeks. There should be a distinct line where the hollow is, if not you can make a pouty face and see where your cheeks hollow. (See picture below).


Sweep it also along the edge of your face, and even along the sides of your forehead.


Here begins the contouring. Start off with finding the right contour kit or contour colors right for your skin tone. The most popular ones are the following:

anastasia contour kit makeupforever sculpting kit smashbox step by step


Finding the right contouring kit is the most important part. Each of these are different depending on what your skin tone is, but the most popular one is the Anastasia Contour Kit because of the versatility it offers from all the different ranges of colors.

Using a contour brush, sweep the dark color first and then highlight second. Follow the shadows of your face, or if you’re not sure, refer to the following guideline contouring depending on what your face shape is:

contour by face shape

Make sure that the contour is slightly below your bronzer, but also make sure that you blend the two so that the two colors flow seamlessly together.

Brush a blush over the apples of your cheeks. It’s okay if everything overlaps, because it’s meant to overlap! The key to contouring is blending, so make sure you use a good, flat brush.

Finally, if you want to contour your nose, just use a normal blending eyeshadow brush. Sweep the darker color ever so lightly over the sides of your nose and the highlight the top of your nose. Take very little product because your nose may end up looking too dark if overused.

If you have any questions, please ask us in the comments below!

What are some of your tips for contouring?

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