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This past weekend, Destination Femme got to attend the Everything To Do With Sex Show. It was everything you’d expect it to be and more. With sexy people everywhere, it was hard not to get lost in lust. There were games, shows, seminars, shopping, and tons of interactive activities to participate in. Quite frankly, if you need help spicing it up in the bedroom, the sex show is the place to go.

male performers
The Male Revue performers were our highlights of the show!

As we got there, we had come just in time for the Male Revue on the main stage. Sexy men dressed to the nines, moving their hips and then suddenly ripping of their clothing. It was quite the spectacle as they showed off their acrobatics, dance moves, and washboard abs.

Walking around we saw tons of amazing booths. Luckily, we got to interview a couple of them for you guys to see what you missed out on.

We interviewed Christina from Voodu, a sex shop that makes toys for play time. The toys are affordable, fun, and will get you off in no time. Check out the interview below, to learn more about the store, the best products, and why you need them in your bedroom. We were also lucky enough to score some giveaway prizes for you lucky ladies.

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To spice things up a bit, we headed to the Kink Corner where we saw a whole set up of BDSM paraphernalia. From leather sex swings to Mizz Barbie’s kinky room, there were interactive and educational ways to learn all about kink. Even if you were a beginner there was something for everyone. We got a funny interview with Nick from Aslan Leather, who taught us the importance of bondage in the bedroom and just how you can integrate it in the real world. The pieces were customizable and very sexy.

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After all those kinky demos, we made our way to the Food Corner. Oysters, phallic shaped foods, but most importantly The Food Dudes truck was there. Of course fish tacos had to be ordered. While we sat to eat Marni Wasserman taught us about Superfoods for Better Sex. These include kale, avocado, dried bananas, and dark chocolate in case you were wondering.

Next we headed to the shopping area, where we saw dildos of all shapes and sizes, costumes (just in time for Halloween), stick-on bras, a water resistant blanket, and lots of other interesting stuff. Sexy Surprise was one of the brands that stood out. They really gave you the bang for your buck (no pun intended) with their $40 gift bags full of exciting things, with a value of $80.

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We checked out the booths to many swingers clubs like Club X who had a playboy model representing them and Oasis Aqualounge. Who knew Toronto was filled with so many horny people? These clubs are places that adults go to to have fun times and meet people interested in the same thing. They sell comfort, a sexy environment, and unadulterated fun.

The Everything To Do With Sex Show was filled with celebrity appearances from porn stars, UFC fighter Elias Theodorou, and models Angelina Polska and Kristy Seguin. For the women, there were sexy fire fighters selling their calendars and HIM Promotions. Let me tell you, it got a littttttle hot. For the guys, the overwhelming presence of porn stars and the Got Ass girls really did the job. Not to mention the spectators who walked around hitting on each other.

The Everything To Do With Sex Show had expanded our horizons and showed us not to be afraid in the bedroom. We got to with Mandy Monroe, a model who has been a feature model in the International Motorcycle Supershow for 4 years. She was a bright and beautiful girl of Russian and Chinese descent. Modelling wasn’t the only thing in her life, she was also a student. It is fantastic to see women with brains and beauty do what they do and be proud of it.

We got to end off with an interview with the smart and sexy Dr. Jess from Playboy TV. She did seminars on oral sex for both men and women and gave tips for the ultimate sexual experience. The best bit of advice she gave us for the bedroom was not about how to improve your partner, but how great sex is at the power of your own hands.

Check our pictures below for more coverage from the Everything To Do With Sex Show!

“Often times we don’t need techniques on partners, we need tips on ourselves. Learn to get yourself off, then show your partners.”

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