We all strive to look the best with the minimal amount of effort possible. If you’re running late in the morning but you’re in need of sleek and polished look that doesn’t resemble a librarian or ballet dancer (we love top knots, but let’s not be too basic here), opt for the traditional pony-tail but with a spin.

We called it The Fairy Tail based off the whimsical stories from when we were young. Why dream of being a princess when you can transform into one without the help of a fairy godmother?

This is great for second day-old washed hair.

This simple and easy look won’t take you longer than 5 minutes to do, and it’s great for second day-old washed hair (you don’t have to go into work or class looking shaggy). You don’t have bring your glass slippers to be the belle of the ball.

The Fairy Tale HairStyle

What you’ll need:

  • 1 elastic

The instructions:

  1. Start with curly/wavy hair.
    To give this look a little bit of movement and volume (and to hide any mess-ups duh) start with day-old curly/wavy hair, or you could just curl your hair right before. Whichever is easiest for you. Push all of it over your shoulders and onto your back.
  2. Separate your hair into 2 equal parts.
    Divide your hair into two equal parts. Don’t worry about making a clean split, it’ll all be hidden again at the end.
  3. Grab a couple strands of hair from your longest layers.
    Using one hand to hold both large sections of hair (make sure they stay divided!), grab a small section hair from behind your right ear (or the left, whichever is easiest for you) as long as those strands are coming from your longest layers. Make sure that they can wrap around a pony tail several times.
  4. Weave it over top of the right section.
    Take that long stand of hair and lay it over top of the section that is nearest to it (in this case it was the right one). Make sure to keep those two large sections separated.
  5. Weave it underneath the left section.
    Now going in between the part, weave that strand underneath the left section until you’ve pulled it completely through the part.
  6. Wrap around the left section.
    Wrap the strand around the left section so that it loops over top and back to the middle part. Then weave it underneath the right section and wrap around that as well.
  7. Repeat this process until your strand is too short and then grab a new one.
    Repeat this weaving and wrapping process until your strand is too short to continue. At this point you can grab a new strand from any of the sections and twist it around the original one to blend it together. Then continue what you were doing before.
  8. Continue until you’ve reached the nape of your neck.
    For this look, you don’t want to tie it all the way down, or else it will look like a fishtail braid. We decided to make ours to the nape of her neck, but try to keep it within 2-3 inches!
  9. Tie it up.
    Once you’ve reached your desired length, grab a thin hair elastic (we tried a thick one, and it didn’t look as good!) and tie it all together.
  10. The end.
    Happily ever after. You’re now ready to spend your day like a princess with this beautiful fairy tale look.

We’d love for you guys to recreate this look and share with us your Fairy Tail.

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