The Internet Wins: Girl Scouts Cookies Sales Go Digital

girl scouts cookiesThe day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. No more craving those devilish little cookies, watching in horror as we spot others biting into Mint Thins and Samoas, anticipating each crunch with mouths a watering. Girl Scouts cookies tables will be at your fingertips within the next month. If you live in the United States, that is.

How Will The Girl Scouts Cookies Possibly Be More Appealing Than They Already Are?

Girl Scouts cookies will go on sale online nationally as of January, and are currently available to select areas where some Scout Councils have begun Girl Scouts cookies sales for the season.

Though not foreign to the world of digital marketing, Girl Scouts are taking a big leap, and branching out into the world of online sales and e-commerce from their first online initiatives.

girl scouts cookiesStarting with the Cookie Finder app, cookies fanatics will be able to locate the closest Girl Scouts cookies dispensary by simply entering a postal code into the app, and a list of all locations will appear in order of proximity.

Meredith Randle (not in left image), a lifetime member of Girl Scouts was a “little bit miffed” to not have been equipped with the same tools when she was selling Girl Scouts cookies.

“I know that I would have loved to have that technology, as it might have made it easier to keep track of who ordered what, as well as the number of boxes I had sold in total.” The digital tools will help Girl Scouts to not only reach customers that aren’t in their small circle, but will also allow them to analyze and track sales and marketing advancements that are made with the digital tools.

The app will also allow Scouts to process credit card payments, and arrange for direct shipping to your spot on the couch, but you will still need to meet the scout in real life for this option.

Scouts will also be able to create their own websites, sending invites via email to anyone they would like, to bring traffic to the websites. No personal information that may identify the scouts publicly will be posted, and the Girl Scouts cookies will reach a larger demographic than ever before.

Will Online Sales Jeopardize Scouts’ Honour?

The Girl Scouts will be entering a new realm of skills, being encouraged to build their own websites and gain experience with online commerce. The girls will also be required to take an Internet safety pledge, along with their caregivers.

“Often I would have to email my friends and family about my sales anyway, since so many of them live around the country,” says Randle. It seems as though the Digital Cookie is only going to up sales numbers for Girl Scouts cookies.

Though this is a leap forward for sales opportunities, it does create a controversy about whether or not the old fashioned, traditional way of Girl Scouts cookies sales should be outdone via mobile apps and e-vites. Some Girl Scouts aren’t ready to give up the door-to-door neighbourhood sales that come with seasonal cookies sales.

… But hey, cookies at our fingertips? Not complaining.

The complete cookies guide to every delectable bite the Girl Scouts cookies have to offer:

girl scouts cookies

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