The Love of My Life at The Gym: Here’s What You Should Do



Have you ever come across that certain someone who makes your heart beat just a little bit faster? Unfortunately, that’s happened to me with the love of my life at the gym, so I took it upon myself to ever so casually stalk him during my work outs. In a non-creepy way of course.

Although I enjoy working out and can often be found at the gym, I am by no means “fit“, and it just so happens that the love of my life at the gym is none other than a trainer; thus he’s a tank and can probably bench press me. If you’re dealing with the same (border line unhealthy) situation, here are a few tips to perfect your stalking. You don’t want to miss out on the man of your dreams do you?


Get Him As Your Trainer

Nothing proves your commitment to working out then getting a personal trainer. And if you just so happen to mention that you’d like him to train you that’s a win-win situation. Where’s the harm in that? If anyone asks why you want him you can say that he trains a friend of yours, or that you’ve seen him around and he seems to really know what he’s doing. Anything to get him for an hour each day (or whenever you choose to work out). This is a completely normal way to open a dialogue without terrifying him.

Pay Attention To His Work Out Schedule

If you’re working out at the same time he is and doing some of the same moves, then there’s a definite chance he’ll strike up a conversation with you. And if he doesn’t there’s always the whole: “Can you show me how to work this machine?” move. It works like a charm. Don’t be afraid to make the first move, it can be scary but if you don’t take the chance the opportunity could slip away.


Be Serious About What You’re Doing

Chances are, if he’s a trainer or a gym buff, he takes his work outs seriously, so you’d better also. Don’t show up at the gym looking like a model and stay on the elliptical the entire time. You’ve got to hit the weights, do some squats, and own the stair master. Be comfortable with yourself and have confidence in what you’re doing, this way no one can know that you’ve got a secret agenda.

Be Approachable

The gym isn’t the most standard place to pick people up, so make sure you’re sending out the right signals. You want to look friendly and inviting, eye contact is everything. But also make sure you’re picking up on the social cues, if he looks like he’s in the zone or really busy, maybe it’s not the best time to try and get his attention. You also don’t want to come on too strong, it may freak him out.


It took me awhile to muster up the courage and take my own advice to talk with the love of my life at the gym, but I finally did and I’m proud to say he now knows my name. We even do joint work outs together and hang out after the gym. It can happen to you also. Who ever said stalking wasn’t a thing?

Is the love of your life at the gym with you?

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