The Love of My Life at The Gym: What It’s Like To Date a Gym Buff


the-love-of-my-life-at-the-gym-what-its-like-to-date-a-gym-buffFor those of you that aren’t aware, I wrote a post earlier on how I’ve been ever so casually stalking the love of my life at the gym for the past couple of months. And in a surprising turn of events, we’ve become pretty close, and are officially going out (round of applause! Thank you, thank you!). So I thought I’d share with you what I did to catch the love of my life at the gym, and what it’s like to actually date a gym buff.

First of all, being at the gym the same time as him worked wonders. He got used to seeing me all the time which is how we got to talking. And what did we talk about? Working out of course. He would give me tips on the best work outs and show me around the gym, all while I stared at him with hearts in my eyes.

My next step was to make friends with other trainers at the gym so that we became a cute little “crew”. Eventually we all hung out together outside of the gym, we would go for drinks, see some movies, or grab dinner. And although it was awesome being surrounded by a bunch of gym buff’s I always dreamed that the love of my life at the gym would hang out with me one on one. I finally got my wish when he and I went out just the two of us.

I was so nervous because it was the first time we’d really be alone outside of the gym.

We ended up going out for drinks and spent the entire night talking. I was worried that he’d be obsessed with healthy eating or wouldn’t want to do anything that was considered “fattening” or “unhealthy”. My biggest fear was that he would judge me for not being as fit or badass as he is (since he’s a trainer).

the-love-of-my-life-at-the-gym-what-its-like-to-date-a-gym-buffLuckily, my fears didn’t come true. If anything, he helped me become more comfortable in my own skin and would motivate me at the gym. #Winning. So now I just had to figure out what we were to each other, where we just “hanging out”, just friends, or something more? I was too nervous to bring it up because he always seemed so relaxed and comfortable about everything, like he wasn’t concerned about defining our relationship. The other trainers thought our confused relationship status was hilarious, but I really needed to know. So what did I do?


I finally worked up the courage to ask him where he thought this relationship was going.

He told me the truth, that he liked me and wanted to make our relationship official. I was overjoyed, in shock, and unable to move. What could I say? The love of my life at the gym actually liked me back! All of my under the radar stalking payed off.


Simply put, when you break everything down, the real reason we work so well together is because we have common interests and goals. When we’re together we bring out the best in each other. In order to make relationships work, sometimes you just have to go that extra mile to get what you want because no one is going to give it to you.

If anything this situation has taught me to go after what I want and have more confidence in myself. So what’s it like to date a gym buff? It’s pretty awesome, but keep in mind that you’ll probably spend a couple of dates at the gym. It just comes with the territory.

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Would you ever date a gym buff?

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