The Most Creative & Genuine Marriage Proposal You’ll Ever See

We’ve seen a lot of sweet proposal videos on the internet, but this recent find was one that we could not stop watching.

A simple marriage proposal. One that may not have been planned out for weeks and months like the lip dub one where the girl sits while her family and friends dance for her (we personally think that one might be a bit too cheesy). One that doesn’t require hundreds of thousands of dollars, like how recently the guy from “Million Dollar Listing” proposed to his girlfriend by shutting down Times Square for an hour. One that comes straight from the heart.

Steve Brisson does just that by proposing to his girlfriend of 4 years, Sayaka. You have to watch how it unfolds from the video below:

According to, Steve says “I was looking at Sayaka on the couch, and she was checking Scoopon — Scoopon is like her second relationship, she loves it. We cannot go anywhere without checking on Scoopon, we go to restaurants based on what deals she’s got on Scoopon. And I thought, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll use Scoopon.

There’s so much false pressure to propose in the ‘right’ kind of way. Whenever someone says, oh I’m thinking of proposing to my girlfriend, the first thing a guy asks is what are you doing, are you taking her to a nice restaurant, are you doing something on a high-rise building with a view, how romantic is it, that kind of thing. But it seemed so unrealistic to me! We don’t even go to 5 star Michelin restaurants, like, what does that even mean! So why would I want to take her somewhere that didn’t really mean anything to us?”

You can see the Scoopon deal below, or you can still check it out on the actual Scoopon site for perhaps a limited time. (Just click show deal detail).

We think that this was one of our favorite proposals. Ever. For all of us that are unmarried and single we shall just sit on the couch and stuff ourselves with popcorn while we sulk over our lonely lives. Sigh. Just kidding. Cheer up girls, hopefully your man will get just as creative like this guy did!

His marriage proposal from Scoopon:

scoopon wedding


Would you like to be proposed in such a way?

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