The Most Expensive Desserts Around The World

Strawberries Arnauds

Macarons are currently the hit, but can be quite pricy to a middle- income person. However, you don’t know pricy for desserts until you see these. There are some of the most expensive desserts around the world. Many feature rare ingredients imported from around the world. A lot of ingredients, even I’ve never heard of because of how much it’s out of my league. it’s okay though- we have pictures. If they don’t make your mouth water, it sure as hell will make your wallet cry tears.

Decadence Dor Cupcake Dessert

Decadence D’or Cupcake

Price: $750

Where: Las Vegas, NV (Sweet Surrender)

Dessert Features: Palmira Single Estate Chocolate, gold flakes, Tahitian Gold Vanilla Caviar, 100-year-old Cognac, blown sugar

Golden Opulence Sundae

Golden Opulence Sundae

Price: $1,000

Where: New York, NY (Serendipity 3)

Dessert Features: 5 scoops of Tahitian Vanilla ice cream, 23- carat gold leaves, drizzled Amedei Porcelana chocolate, Venecuelan Chuao chocolate, gold- coated almonds, Paris candies fruit, sweet Grand Passion Caviar, rare Chuao chocolate

Fishermans Indulgence

Fisherman’s Indulgence

Price: $14,500

Where: Sri Lanka (Fortress Resort and Spa)

Dessert Features: garnished with gems, gold Italian cassata leaf, mango and pomegranate compote, Dom Perignon Champagne, 80- carat aquamarine stone, irish cream, carved chocolate fisherman

Frozen Haute Chocolate

Frozen Haute Chocolate

Price: $25,000

Where: New York, NY (Serendipity 3)

Dessert Features: 24- carat gold, La Madeline au Truffle shavings, take home golden spoon and goblet decorated with diamonds

Platinum Wedding Cake

Platinum Wedding Cake

Price: $130,000

Where: Japan

Dessert Features: adorned with platinum necklaces, pendants, pins, flakes

diamond fruit cake

Diamond Fruitcake

Price: $1.6 million

Where: Toko (Diamonds: Nature’s Miracle)

Dessert Features: 223 diamonds sprawled across the cake with white icing flowers

Strawberries Arnaud

Strawberries Arnauds

Price: $1.4 million

Where: New Orleans, LA

Dessert Features: a bowl of strawberries, a 4.7- carat pink diamond ring, wine with a wine set worth $24k

Would you ever buy any of these desserts?

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