The Most Unexpected Etsy Products

Unexpected Etsy Shops

Etsy is one of the most popular platforms for business owners and entrepreneurs to post and sell their creations. You’ll find mostly find products that apply to niche markets or that have a special twist to them i.e homemade or vintage products. But if you look deep enough, Etsy sellers sometimes have some unexpected products that are doing quite well. We aren’t surprised. People find entertainment in the smallest things. Let’s take a look into some unique items that we would totally want to add to our collection.

Unexpected Etsy Shops

1. NaughtyLittleStitch

Imagine your grandma and Kanye joining forces for a collaboration of a lifetime. The result is truly a beautiful thing. NaughtyLittleStitch takes the innocence and handwork of cross stitching and combines it with inappropriate slurs which is exactly what we want as quirky room decor. Seriously, every sassy girl needs one of these pieces. Just add some rap lyric cross-stitching and we would buy the entire collection.

Unexpected Etsy Shops

2. Celobebreties

Need a cross between entertainment and style? Enter Celobebreties. This hidden Etsy boutique knows exactly how to mix pop culture with fashion, but probably not in the way you expected. Some may think that this is borderline tacky but what is fashion if not pushing the limits? You can now rock a pair of Beyoncé/Jay-Z earrings or some Bieber faces if that’s more your style. Weird No. It’s simplicity and borderline craftyness make it the best statement you could buy. Do it now.

Unexpected Etsy Shops

3. DigitalSoap

For all you gamers out there, this is for you. DigitalSoap creates soap replicas of video console controllers, cartridges, characters etc. so people can easily pull pranks on their friends. First of all, these are so authentic looking we almost didn’t realize that they were soap. Second, how cool would these be to gift to a fellow gamer? The possibilities are endless with this one.

Unexpected Etsy Shops

4. Collage-O-Rama

Who doesn’t want a print of a cat wearing a top hat, with a monocle and moustache? Answer, no one. This shop, though a little strange, creates prints in a pretty visualizing and appealing way. By using a siimple black and white background, they allow the image to pop and be the focus. Weird pictures? Yes. But, also awesome? Yes.

Unexpected Etsy Shops

5. RussianNeedleWork

I am fairly sure that as kids, we all came across russian nesting dolls and thought they were the coolest thing at the time. Little did we know, the entire nesting doll industry was expanding. This clever shop is selling handcrafted nesting dolls with themes such as the evolution of Justin Bieber, Pearl Jam, Madonna, Michael Jackson and many more. Guaranteed you will find one to relate with and chuckle at in the best way.

Tell Us…

What is the most unexpected product you came accross on Etsy?


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