The New Dessert Craze: The Wonut

Mashups are very in trend at the moment and now they not only include your favorite music but also your dessert. Enter the Wonut. Cousin to the Cronut, the Wonut (or Doffle as some have termed it) has taken foodies by storm. It brings the worlds of Waffles and Doughnuts together and makes something magical for us to enjoy. Beware: though it may provide a flavorful foodgasm, it is the furthest thing from a healthy snack. Basically, you start off with a thicker waffle batter and a waffle iron. Deep fry it and add all the goodness on top. There are recipes available if you want to try making your own Wonut at home. Let’s just take a second and bask in the beauty of these.

The New Dessert Craze: The Wonut

The New Dessert Craze: The Wonut


The New Dessert Craze: The Wonut

Okay enough teasing, for real these are probably one of the most delicious things the human population could have thought of (seriously, look at those pictures). The thing about breakfast is it’s easy to go from healthy to fatty real quick. So take that Wonut and try some of these options to make this tasty delicacy better for you.

1. Try whole wheat batter.

Okay, it may not taste the same but at least you will feel a bit better about eating it.

2. Ditch the icing, use greek yogurt.

Try it. Greek yogurt is thick in consistency and would make for a good supplement for icing.

3. Add some fruit.

Just like a traditional waffle, put some berries on top or on the side and add some nutrients to the meal.

4. Eat smaller portions.

Cut the full waffle into quarters and eat two pieces rather than the entire thing. You can also add some other sides this way!

5. Change up your ingredients.

Use less salt, substitute with almond milk, or cut down your sugar.

Now if you don’t know where to start with making these, there are some local waffle houses that are now starting to serve these creations. But it may be a while until we see this available in every Tim Horton’s or Starbucks.

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