Admit it. We all aimlessly surf Youtube when we have nothing better to do. Sometimes we even play videos in the background while getting ready. We envy the life they have: free samples, fans, friends, events, etc. But really, the youtube life is not as easy. Coming from an office with Youtubers, here’s a compilation of the main struggles we go through on the daily:

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Taking about 30 minutes to get the right angle for Instagram photos

Always. Who wants to put up an ugly picture? No one. That means if the angle is too low, we look too fat. If it’s too high, it looks like we tried to hard. Not to mention we’ve got to get out good side. You can expect to see 500+ photos after every photo sesh, when really, you only see 1-5 on our social media sites. It’s a very necessary step.

Being labelled as “crazy” because you don’t know what jackets are in winter

Yes, if you ever see snow in the background, or it’s cold in the city, we most likely froze out asses off for that picture. If we wore jackets with out outfits, every outfit would literally look the same. The jackets just swallow the outfit. In short, we do it for the youtube, blog, and gram.

The HD camera shows everything

Pretty self explanatory. We all wear 200lb more of make up on camera than in real life. We got zits to cover up, redness, allergies, everything. Not to mention, if we so happen to have something stuck in our teeth, EVERYONE will see it. HD cameras ruin our lives.

Being stared at in public for filming or vlogging

If we had a dime for every time we got weird looks from people, we would be loaded. Just imagine walking down the street and seeing someone taking a video, talking to themselves. Not the norm, right? Yeah it’s the norm on Youtube, but not in real life. Some people even come up to us, asking if we want them to take the picture for us.. Sorry bud, but it’s a vlog and thanks, but no thanks.

Piles and piles of spam mail from weirdos

This is true for any Youtuber. We get the strangest e-mails and messages. They can range from feet fetish pictures, to people wanting to buy our beat up, old shoes. Like, do you have a shrine or something? Creeeeeepy! Usually this goes in our junk mail boxes and never gets seen, but once in a while, it’s a pretty fun read, haha.

Overall though, most of us Youtubers love making videos regardless of the struggles we go through. We go through them because that how much we love Youtube. The support, the love, and the friends we make is what makes it fun for us. But do remember, we are doing Youtube on our free time, so these struggles are voluntary. Youtube is not as easy job as you think.

Who’s your favourite Youtuber?

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