The Unspoken Laws at the Spa

The Unspoken Laws at the Spa

You’re ready for a good few hours of TLC as you step into your local spa, but wait! Have you thought about spa etiquette? There are a few unspoken rules of spa culture when you walk into the salon. Estheticians will either be completed offended or even disgusted by you – but they won’t say anything, at least to your face. To take full advantage of your experience at the salon by remembering these unspoken laws and become a pro spa client!

Spa Salon Rule 1: Waxing

The Unspoken Laws at the SpaCome in for a brow wax, and you decide last minute that you would want a bikini wax. Something you should consider, do you smell a little funky? Typically, when you get your lady parts waxed, the esthetician would wipe you down before starting. However, if you think you need to make a trip to the bathroom before hand – do it. Do your business and then have a pack of summer’s eve wipes in your purse ready for some pre-wax cleaning before stepping into the salon. That way your waxer won’t cringe as she rips off the first wax strip.

Spa Salon Rule 2: Facials

When you come in a get a facial try to pin point what your concerns are. An ethetician can suggest services for you but they are also not a mind reader. Let them know what you’d want in a facial and your expectations so that the esthetician can give you the right service.

If you are allergic to a certain type of product or ingredient (like aloe) then let your ethetician know. If your skin has an allergic reaction post-facial, it may not be their fault but the products that were used on your face. So keep tabs on what can and cannot go on your face, if not, you may be doing more damage than anticipated.

Spa Salon Rule 3: Hands

The Unspoken Laws at the SpaEveryone loves getting a mani, but consider the condition of your hands before walking into the salon. Dry, peeling, cracked cuticles are alarm bells to an ethetician’s worst nightmare. Damaged cuticles are more prone to bleeding when cuticles are trimmed.

A few hours before stepping into the salon – try to heal up those hands. You can use products like polysporin or cuticle butters to start closing up some of the cracks before your spa visit. Also, acknowledge that you are aware of the conditions of the nails. That way these etheticians are not secretly judging your lack of womanhood through your hands.

Spa Salon Rule 4: Feet

Okay, we can all agree that feet might be the grossest thing on the planet! If we think these things, what about the Esthetician? Even though they do this as a living, you should consider that it may not be their favourite service in the world. Before heading to the closest salon, take a look at the condition of your feet. If your nails are resembling talons, trim a bit. This not only helps the esthecian, but it also doesn’t put them in a state of shock when you expose your feet to them.

Spa Salon Rule 5: Tipping

The Unspoken Laws at the SpaTipping is a very personal experience. It shows gratitude to your esthetician that you appreciated their time and effort. This is a very controversial subject because some do not understand or provide tips due to personal beliefs. Tips can provide a considerable extra income to the person. This can be said in other establishments, you don’t know how much that individual makes per day or how many clients they see.

Typically, gratitude of 15-20% should be given based on the service. Here’s a pro tip, estheticians clearly remember good tippers and they will also give you a better service so you would come back to them. They are always motivated to do a better job for those who tip better because you are a more valuable customer rather than one who doesn’t tip. Which goes to show, maybe consider dropping a few extra dollars to get on their good side will get yourself a few freebies.

Spa Salon Rule 6: Manners

Say you’ve been having a bad day in general and you decide to make a trip to the spa. Don’t take your drama with you. Being rude to the employees will not make your spa day pleasant, or other times you decide to visit. Believe it or not, they will remember you. Anytime that you show sass to the ethetician, they will always remember it and tell the other employees to steer clear of you as well.

With that being said, if you’ve had a bad experience with one of the spa employees – always complain to the manager. Never disrespect the esthetican because they generally do not fight back – unless they were defending themselves. You don’t want to walk out of the salon with a bad rep so just talk to the manager with your concerns and then leave. If you take your issues to the boss, they will address it to the employee and you can rest assured.

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