Theo Jansen Transforms Plastic Tubes Into Animated Lifeforms

A man breathes life into these plastic yellow tubes into real, animated lifeforms through the power of wind and extremely crafty engineering. In his short description, the designer, Theo Jansen, explains that he creates these things he calls his “beasts” and unleashes them into the wild elements. They are all crafted from recyclable materials like plastic tubes, plastic bottles, and plywood. These animals have a design similar to a regular animal, with a whole wind storage system and a leg system.

[pull_quote_center]Over time, these skeletons have become increasingly better at surviving the elements such as storm and water, and eventually I want to put these animals out in herds on the beaches, so they will live their own lives.[/pull_quote_center]

At first glance, you can stare at these moving objects and you might wonder what the heck is going on. They look like giant forms of insects, or a mutilated skeletal form of an animal. Then you look closer and you realize they’re not real lifeforms at all. They’re man-made, animated things made out of extraordinarily detailed segments.

What is the purpose of these things? Well, the designer and artist Theo Jansen, was a physics student at the Delft University of Technology, before he started teaching photography at the Royal Academy of Art. Since then, he has done a number of different and unique artwork displays around the world — such as the painting machine, and the flying drill.

The purpose of these creatures might be just like how any lifeforms have purpose — they were created to exist. We’re sure you can come up with a whole lot of interpretations for the meaning behind these beasts.

What is your interpretation of these beasts? What do you think of this display?

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