ThePumpkinGeek Creates The Most Amazing Pumpkin Art Ever

Happy Halloween!

Have you seen some pretty awesome pumpkins lately?

We bet that it won’t add up to this guy’s pieces of art. The Pumpkin Geek (whose real name is Alex Wer) is a craft pumpkin carver and has been crafting intricate pumpkins since 2009. He practices something called “4 color carving”, which uses 4 layers of the outer skin of the pumpkin to create a sense of depth and shadow. According to his page, “each pumpkin is hand carved and takes anywhere from 4-6 hours, depending on the complexity”.

His work includes famous characters from all sorts of television shows, movies, and comics. We have included some of the most notable ones below. You should definitely reach out to him on his twitter and check out his website.

Walter White, Breaking Bad

breaking bad pumpkin

Walter white has never looked so menacing than in this display of him. Down to the every last detail on the background too!

11th Doctor, Dr. Who

doctor who pumpkin

Who’s the Who? It’s Doctor Who! We love the details on his tuxedo.

Gollum, Lord of the Rings

gollum pumpkin

The shading in this one is our favorite part.

Sirius Black, Harry Potter

harry potter pumpkin

This one is definitely our favorite. We wish we could steal this and put it in our office. Forever.

Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games

katniss pumpkin

Katniss Everdeen is ever so fiery and dashing!

Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit

the hobbit pumpkin

It’s like you could almost step inside the world of a hobbit.

The Joker, Batman

the joker pumpkin

The details in the hair and his face looks like there’s a lot of work put into it.


thor pumpkin

This looks like the real thing, especially with the 3d detail on his armor.

The Last Unicorn

unicorn pumpkin

Aww, this one’s for the kids. If you remember the last unicorn, you’re sure to be walking down nostalgia lane with this one.

Michonne, The Walking Dead

walking dead pumpkin

Finally, Michonne from the Walking Dead gets represented like a badass in his recent carving.

For more, be sure to check out his site. He has hundreds of carvings just like these!

If you’re interested in learning about carving a pumpkin better, then check out this easy DIY video! Using stencils and chisels and a flat screw driver, you can practically make a pumpkin out of anything. This will definitely impress your friends.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever seem carved  on a pumpkin before?

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