#TheStruggle: Everday Problems Faced By Impatient People

#TheStruggle: Everday Problems Faced by Impatient People

I’m going to admit it, I’m impatient. But it’s weird, because I’m tolerant and patient to certain things. I’ve been told that I’m nurturing and patient when teaching people new things, but with life in general, I’m probably the most impatient person that you’ll ever meet. Let’s start with walkers:

#TheStruggle: Everday Problems Faced by Impatient People

1. Slow walkers.

The campus that I went to was spread out linearly, and to get from one end to the other could take anywhere from 7 minutes on a good day, to 12 minutes on a bad one. Being given only 10 minutes in between each lecture, the administration seems to think it’s a good idea to schedule classes back to back from one end of the campus to the other. The struggle of getting from one side to the other is a very real problem. Coupled together with poor weather conditions, and you basically have the worst situation possible.

The best part is, it gets worse. Slow walkers. Did you all just wake up or something? It’s 2PM in the afternoon! It’s like driving on the highway during rush hour, there’s always that one arse who’s clearly taking their sweet time and blocking up everybody behind them.

1. A) Texters.

Walking texters are a whole breed of their own. I understand if you need to respond to someone instantly, but could you please move to the side or get out of the way so that you’re not clogging up the people behind you? I’m trying to get somewhere so you taking your sweet time makes me extremely impatient.

#TheStruggle: Everday Problems Faced by Impatient People

1. B) Wall-walkers.

Everything about walking besides those that are efficient can be annoying. I literally have the lyrics to Ludacris’ ‘Move Bitch’ playing in repeat inside of my head as I walk. Why do groups of people insist in walking in a wall spread out across the entire sidewalk? Walking side by side with a friend or significant other I get. But when you’re with a group of 6 friends, do you guys really have to link up elbows and walk like you’re going to get lost if you’re not attached to each other? We’re not in kindergarten anymore guys.

2. Waiting in line for anything.

Whether you’re in line to try on clothes, pay for clothes, ordering food or waiting in line for anything, lines make me angry. If you see that there are 15 people waiting in line at the cash, wouldn’t you, as the manager, open up a new cash? Clearly problem resolution isn’t everyone’s forte.

#TheStruggle: Everday Problems Faced by Impatient People

3. Anything internet related.

When my browser loads slow. When my internet disconnects. When YouTube videos stop playing because they haven’t fully loaded. When my computer freezes. EVERYTHING COMPUTER/INTERNET BASED.

4. Waiting for public transit.

When you’re 30 seconds late for a bus and then the next one that comes is running late itself. It’s as if all of the public transit gods are out to get you and just know that you’re an impatient person. Public transit in its own is a complete waste of time as well. Sitting on a subway for an hour to get home when it only really takes you about 20 minutes to drive? Mind blown, but not in a good way.

#TheStruggle: Everday Problems Faced by Impatient People

5. Slow servers.

When you’ve already been sat down, read over the menu and it’s been 30 minutes since the waiter has been back. Don’t they want a tip? Please come back soon before my hanger takes over my emotions and I actually become angry. I’m already an impatient person, but I usually bottle it up inside of me to give off the impression that I’m patient.

6. Waiting for packages to arrive.

When your packages get lost in the mail. It’s even worse when you can track it online and you know exactly when and where it is, but you want it to be at your house instantly. this is the ultimate definition of being impatient. The only positive flip side to waiting long for packages is that sometimes you even end up completely forgetting that you ordered something. So when boxes show up in the mail, it’s as if someone randomly sent you a gift!

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