8 Things Girls Do, That Guys Should Do Too

Girls do a lot of things that (most) guys probably would never think of doing. Either because it’s too feminine or… actually probably just because it’s too feminine. Although these things may seem to be geared more towards females, guys should do them too. Everything is subjective and we shouldn’t let what society deems as “too feminine” to dictate what guys should and shouldn’t do. To all the boys that do these things already, good job. To all the boys who are still iffy, change your perspective (or don’t). Just know, you wouldn’t be any less of a man if you did these things. You might be even manlier for doing them.

1. Mani/Pedis

Things Girls Do That Guys Should Do Too

Let me elaborate. I don’t mean you should go to the salon and pick a glitter polish or anything like that. I mean you should be comfortable enough to go to the nail salon with your SO and get some basic nail care. Or at the very least make sure your nails are trimmed and clean. I think a lot of guys would benefit from it. Hand massages and cuticle care. Doesn’t that sound relaxing? Also your feet could really use a nice soak and buff to get rid of calluses and other stuff…

2. Share feelings

If I’m trying to have a conversation with you about feelings, don’t just shrug your shoulders and brush it off. It takes a lot for some women to open up so the least you could do is open up as well. Talk about your feelings and don’t be afraid to be seen as less of a man. Talking about your feelings actually makes you seem more masculine because it makes us think you are comfortable in your masculinity to talk about something that is traditionally seen as feminine.

3. Use lotion daily

Things Girls Do That Guys Should Do Too

Nothing is worse than dry skin. Even if your skin doesn’t seem dry, you should apply lotion daily. I hate when I hold a guys hand and it’s super rough. Or when he’s caressing your face and it’s rough AF. It’s a complete turn off when you’re trying to touch my skin and it feels like you’re rubbing sandpaper on it. Soft skin is the best skin.

4. Show more emotion

Not only in our relationship but to your boys as well. Discuss with them your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. I want to see that you are excited to tell me or them things. I want to see you feel compassion, empathy, and all the other complicated emotions that you aren’t “supposed to” show. You don’t always just have to be angry or nonchalant.

5. Have a face routine (day and night)

Things Girls Do That Guys Should Do Too

This should especially be the case for boys with bad acne. Don’t just wake up, brush your teeth, rub your eyes, and go to work. At the very least, splash some water on your face and moisturize. At night, you should have an even more thorough face routine. It should include (at minimum), a cleanser and moisturizer. Cleansing will get rid of all the dirt in your pores that you’ve accumulated throughout the day.

6. Shave/groom themselves

If girls should be expected to shave, wax, and even have laser removal done. Guys should have to do it too. Some women may enjoy carpet chests, but a lot of women do not. I’m a huge anti-carpet chest so boys, get that stuff in order. Also for the nether regions, please don’t just expect us girls to be prim and proper while you’re letting that go.

7. Work on that brow game

Things Girls Do That Guys Should Do Too

Unibrows are not sexy. Neither are super furry brows that may be separate from each other but still look like caterpillars on your face. Tweeze stray hairs and groom your eyebrows. As most women will tell you, they frame the face and your level of attractiveness will fluctuate depending on your brow game. Guys should pay as much attention to their eyebrows as they do to their beards.

8. Compliment on style

Instead of catcalling, try complimenting a girl on her style purely just to compliment her without any expectations of getting her number. Sometimes I’ll tell a girl I love her style or her eyebrows are on point. These are small gestures that really brighten our days. Also, guys should openly compliment other guys too. We should all just compliment each other.

What are some things girls do that you wish guys would do?

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