13 Things Servers Wish They Could Say To You

Annoyed Waitress

Annoyed Waitress

There are many things you do that annoy your servers. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you how much we despise it without losing our jobs. So to help you help us, here are 13 things servers wish they could say to you.

1. We want the tips, not you.

The tips help pay your server’s bills. It’s the reason why we spend so much time making your experience pleasant. But don’t get too comfortable. If we aren’t interested, we aren’t interested. Don’t ask us if it’s “enough” either because we always want more but can’t say it. Tipping servers under the standard tip percentage doesn’t help you score the girl/ guy either.

2. Don’t get mad if your only option is lettuce and tomatoes

If you have a lot of dietary restrictions, you probably shouldn’t eat out. Servers have a set menu to work with and we can’t make you something completely new from scratch. Not to mention the chefs at the back will totally want to kick our asses for taking your order too. Take it or leave it.

3. Not every open seat is available to you.

There’s a rotation system for who gets seated in what section. Don’t be picky about where you want to sit. We can’t take orders from two tables at a time. I’m sure you don’t want to sit and watch your servers tend to another table instead of you. It helps you get your order in faster if you wait for the rotation anyways.

4. Unless you’ve got your order down, don’t call us over.

Servers have multiple tables to attend to. We don’t have time stand and wait for you to decide on your order. being “ready” doesn’t mean “I’m still deciding”.

5. The “hook us up” joke isn’t funny.

We’ve heard it so many times and the answer is: no. Servers will not give you discounts or freebies. It’s not up to us, it’s up to management. Stop harassing us, and stay home or don’t come in if you’re going to be a cheapskate.

6. It’s sad if you can’t do the math to split a bill.

Tipping Math

We don’t have the time to make 30 separate bills with 30 different transactions. If you can’t do simple math to split your own bill, it’s a problem. Let’s also not forget calculators exist on our phones now so it shouldn’t be hard. Trust me, servers will appreciate your efforts.

7. If you’re going to loiter, don’t do it here.

The longer you stay at a table, the fewer tables servers can flip for more customers. Be courteous. Also, imagine being the customer staring at people sit and talk for hours when you’re starving and want a table. Not pleasant, right?

8. We aren’t your servants.

Just like you, servers are people too. These jobs are most likely not our careers. We’re here to make your experience as positive as possible, not bid to your every need.

9. Don’t freak out when we cut you off.

Servers are trying to play it safe and not get sued hundreds of thousands of dollars because your drunk ass tripped on flat ground. Smarten up and just don’t get white- girl wasted.

10. An empty plate doesn’t justify the food being bad.

If you didn’t like the food, why would you finish it then? Don’t hassle your servers by trying to  get a discount or new meal if the old one doesn’t exist anymore. We aren’t stupid.

11. Tip with real money, please.

Bad Tips for Servers

Bad Tips for Servers

A pamphlet or chewing gum isn’t going to help anyone. Tip your servers in real money please.

12. Don’t be the one to come in 10 minute prior to closing.

You best believe the servers and the entire staff of the restaurant will be staring you down. It’s been a long night, we want to go home. Go make some instant noodles at your own place or something.

13. The ingredients are there for a reason.

Ingredient on Menu

One of the worst things you can do is order something, get it, and realize that there’s an ingredient you don’t want in it. The result? Having servers send it back and you waiting even longer for your food. If it’s there, read it.

As a customer, what are you guilty of?


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