50 (Cheap) Things To Do With Friends In The Summer

50 things to do in the summer with friends

Summer’s finally here and we are enjoying the lovely weather. Instead of staying at home all day, we are here to give you some ideas for what things to do with friends in the summer. It’s always nice to have cheap alternatives for outdoor activities so most of these ideas are budget friendly.

Don’t let the time slip away, it’s always nice to enjoy the most out of these days with friends and loved ones.

summer things to do

  1. Play frisbee in the park.
  2. Go to an auction.
  3. Go to a flea market.
  4. Play tennis.
  5. Go to the beach and suntan.
  6. Beach volleyball.
  7. Have a barbeque.
  8. Go camping.
  9. Have a girls’ manicure/pedicure day.
  10. Go swimming at the pool.
  11. Play card games.
  12. Check groupon for deals for restaurants for other activities.
  13. Laser tag. We’re never too old for laser tag.
  14. Go hiking in the mountains. (or up a trail)
  15. Biking.
  16. Get a fire pit.
  17. Play Mario Party. Drunk.
  18. Play Man hunt… in the dark. Drunk?
  19. Cards against humanity (with alcohol).
  20. Geocaching.
  21. Play hide and seek.
  22. Werewolves / Mafia.
  23. Have a picnic.
  24. Watch a movie at home.
  25. Go tubing.
  26. Karaoke.
  27. Trampoline parks! Jump!
  28. Have a margarita party.
  29. Have a water balloon fight.
  30. Have a water gun fight.
  31. Mini golf.
  32. 1000 Blank White Cards.
  33. Play badminton.
  34. Backpacking around the city. (or other cities)
  35. Paintball.
  36. Have a bake sale.
  37. Go to the zoo.
  38. Go to a concert/music festival.
  39. Go to the amusement park.
  40. Play charades.
  41. Play catch.
  42. Run a marathon.
  43. Go to a yard sale.
  44. Purchase new clothes and have a fashion show!
  45. Play telephone pictionary (telestrations).
  46. Hit up a night market.
  47. Check out a museum or art gallery.
  48. Visit a historical site.
  49. Watch the sun rise/sun set.
  50. Go star gazing.

star gazing

Tell us…

What are some of the things you like to do with friends in the summer?

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