30 Things To Expect After Graduation


You’re done. You went flew your parents over, went to convocation, and stood up at the alter with your degree proudly while people snapped pictures of you. You got that B.A in English or Arts History hanging over your mantle in your living room. Welcome to the real world.

Now what?

You’re ready to conquer the world! But with that degree in hand and little to no expertise, where are you headed towards?

You send out your resume to 10 places a day, maybe out of those 10, one place will give you an interview. You go in strapped with a brand new dress or suit, and ready to ace the interview like you did with the one at McDonalds. The interviewer is a 40 year old guy who looks like he was cast from an episode of Suits, and he’s glaring at you the entire time. The questions you’re bombarded with are stuff you have no idea how to answer, because they never taught you this stuff in school. You have little to no experience, obviously, so how how are you supposed to answer stuff like “What’s the best strategy for lead generation in the engineering industry?”

Of course, we’re exaggerating. We’re sure plenty of you have had good opportunities and experience before graduating, and you found a job right in your field of study. But for many more, who are looking for jobs outside their degree, life can be tough after graduation. There are those lucky few that have gotten $80,000+ salaries with just an English major, but those numbers are low.

So what are some real things to expect after graduation?

30 things to expect after gradutation

1. A lot of time spent looking on job boards.

2. Writing a shitload of resumes

3. Fall into depression. And hopelessness.

4. Bad interviews for places you don’t want to work at.

5. Feeling like you learned nothing in school.

6. Reaching out to people to network, but then realizing you haven’t talked to them in years, and it’s just really awkward.

7. Reminiscing back to freshman year when you were so carefree.

8. Partying with people still in University just so you can feel like you’re not old yet.

9. Drinking. A lot of drinking.

10. Being broke from so much drinking.

11. More depression, from being so broke.

12. Considering moving back to your parents house so you can get babied for a few more years.

13. Telling yourself that everyone goes through it, then looking enviously on Facebook at those that have amazing careers right after they graduated.

14. Buying groceries for once and learning how to cook because you can’t afford to go out to eat everyday.

15. Cleaning your room in your spare time.

16. You realize your friend circle is diminishing as all your friends in University have started their full time jobs or moved away.

17. Sudden bursts of creativity where you strive to find your “inner calling”.

18. Going back to school.

19. Getting your part-time job back at McDonalds, so you won’t have to starve.

20. Actually learning something this time in school.

21. The bills keep piling up.

22. After months of finishing your second degree, finally finding that one company. Getting a call back after an interview, and they want to hire you.

23. Accepting the job despite the lower-than-expected pay.

24. Doing the 9 to 5 work grind.

25. Buying a new car, and put the down-payment on an apartment.

26. Getting a raise.

27. Working for a few years and getting scouted by an amazing company.

28. Working the job of your dreams with high pay.

29. Finally settling down with your beau from high school/University/work.

30. Happiness.


Our words of advice:

Yes, things are really bleak for the majority of us. Don’t stress out now despite how bad things may look. A lot of people go through the same thing right after graduating — that period of time where you feel completely lost. Things will get better. Yes, not everyone goes through all these periods, but we’re pretty sure everyone can relate to a few.

Tell us…

How did you deal with graduating?

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