Things You Won’t Believe That Come With Flying First Class

Things You Won't Believe That Come With Flying First Class

Flying first class is a whole new experience on it’s own. Not only do you have more leg room (the most important factor, duh), but you also get waited on hand and foot by the air service attendants. But as the service industry goes, it comes with a cost. Flying first class is going to cost you a hefty bill, unless you’ve racked up enough travel points to redeem a trip for free. And that’s exactly what Derek Lo did in order to fly for $23, 000 from Singapore to New York.

Step 1. Checking In

You’re not just a seat number in first class, you’re a real person. You have a name and all of the employees know it. The scarier part is wondering how they know exactly who you are, because when you book a flight online, you don’t usually attach a photo to your order. Are they somehow pulling your photo off of your passport from previous travels? It’s nice to be known, but you have to wonder how they get that information.

Besides knowing your name, when you can choose which title you wish to be addressed by.

First class 1

Singapore Airline’s Suites Class allows you to pick from a myriad of titles you haven’t referred to yourself as since playing with friends as a child. Not only are you supplied with the typical “Miss/Ms/Mr/Mister” but royalty is also an option? Heck yes! Would the employees treat you better if you assigned yourself the title of “King” as opposed to just “Prof/Dr”? We’d definitely be down with becoming a royal for a couple of hours in the mile high club. Or maybe this is how they determine whether or not you are who you really say that you are. Hello background checks?

Step 2. Waiting to Board

Long gone are the days of fighting for a seat at your boarding gate. For some reason most airports seem to think tha sharing one flight’s seats between 5 gates at once makes sense. And showing up early on time so that you’re not stuck sitting on the floor means that you’ll probably be arriving at your gate super early and waiting around for an unnecessary extra hour just to score yourself a chair.

First class 4

But with first class, you’ll be ushered so quickly past the regular boarding gates (you can’t sit with the plebs) and into a private lounge that it’ll feel like were just taken on a separate flight of your own. First class lounges sometimes resemble hotel ammenities. Not only do you have bellhops helping you to carry your luggage, but you an even check in at a desk while sitting down as opposed to waiting in line to stand at a counter.

Besides the extra care taken to service you at the check in points, you won’t be finding any fast food stands in the first class lounges. Sit down in a nice plush chair pulled out for you by a waiter and order some duck confit, caviar or whatever other fancy foreign sounding dish to enjoy at your pleasure. And forget about the plastic cutlery, silverware is a must when dining in these plush restaurants.

Step 3. Boarding

Besides getting your own private lounge to laze around in away from the peasants, you’ll also be provided with your own boarding bridge to privately get on the plane out of the eyes of the paparazzi. Just kidding, if you were that famous you’d be flying on a private jet instead right?

But no, once you get on, instead of being bombarded by parazzi trying to take your picture, you’ll be bombarded by flight attendants ready to wait on you hand and foot.

“Would you like a newspaper?”
“Would you like some champagne?”
“Is cabin temperature comfortable for you?”
“Would you like to sit or lie down?”

First class

Wait, hold on. Lie down? Yes, you can actually for 15 hours comfortably in first class without ever having to experience a single leg cramp or wait for the washroom. And on Singapore Airlines Suites Class, if the neighboring suite isn’t taken, then you can push down the divider and put down both beds to create a double one. Yes, yes, yes, this is a win 50 times over! You’ll have so much space that you may not even know what to do with it – in economy class, 6 people could probably fit into that space!

Step 4. Amenities Kit

In economy or even business class, the closest thing that you’ll come to amenities is a set of 90’s style headphones which you’ll have to purchase. In first class, the story is different. Lufthansa provides you with a pair of Bose headphones (yes Bose) as well as slippers and a set of pajamas. Yep, they know you’ll be taking full advantage of that bed. Who wouldn’t? But you don’t have to fly Lufthansa to get yourself a pair of Bose headphones, Cathay Pacific also provides the same amenities as well!

First class 2

And you won’t be given just some standard issue set of pajamas. Did you know that high-end luxury designers are the sponsors of these sets? Obviously they’re not going to be some next level quality silk, but a provided change of clothes is always nice when attempting to sleep comfortably. Who wants to go to bed with a tight pair of jeans on? But at the same time, who wants to triapse through the first class lounge in a comfortable pair of pajamas?

First class 3

And don’t worry about falling into the toilet in the washrooms. In first class, you’l have the luxury of a pull down bench over the toilet seat to sit down and comfortably change into your pjs.What about that cramped space in the the washroom? Not to worry, you’ll definitely have enough space to fit your full body into a selfie!

Step 5. In-Flight Meals

No, you won’t be getting served some microwaved dinner and a cracker. Be prepared for a fully cooked service where everything is fresh as if you just stepped into a 5-star restaurant. Yes, expect some level of a 5-course meal involving names that are too difficult to bother pronouncing. And followed up by some fancy dessert that look like ice cream and cake, yet involve so much more than your basic oven and fridge. Champagne with your meal? Yeah that’s a definite possibility too.

First class 5

First class 6

Step 6. Landing

If all of that wasn’t luxurious enough, Lufthansa provides S-class Mercedes cars to pick you up on the tarmac once your plane lands. Never think twice about having to pull all of that extra dead weight of luggage through miles of the airport again. Have yourself and your luggage delivered straight to the airport entrance where your next driver is ready to pick you up (well we can hope right)?

First class 7

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