It’s Here: Tinder for Dogs


It was only a matter of time before the Tinder interface started to expand, and for all you animal lovers, it has hit the dog market. BarkBuddy is the perfect app for everyone looking to adopt a new friend for the family. If you have used Tinder, you know exactly what to expect; you either swipe right or left to indicate your preference in pooches.

BarkBuddy was created by Bark & Co. the company that supplies BarkBox (a subscription box for dogs) as well as BarkCare, an on demand in-home vetrinary care service. Currently, BarkBuddy is available in the US and Canada and is expected to be released in the UK by the end of the year. Clearly, they know how to take care of dogs and properly match them up with individuals in North (1)

So, if you are a Tinder user, you know exactly how this works. If not, the user interface is fairly simple to grasp. If you like the photo of  the dog , you swipe right or press the heart button, if not, swipe left or press “X” button. Once you swipe right, the dog is added to your favorites. Each dog has its own profile complete with descriptions, vacinations, age, photos, and their distance from you. Users have the ability to then share the posting or contact the shelter. You can customize the settings at any point to specify if you like small dogs vs big dogs or males vs females therefore narrowing your options.

Currently, BarkBuddy is paired with various shelters and has over 300,000 dogs in their repertoire. The app will only show you dogs available through local shelters in your area. It will also record your stats and show you a break down of what breeds of dogs you favor (just in case you didn’t know already).  Right now, the app is only available on Apple products with no mention of an Android version in the future. The goal and purpose of BarkBuddy is to help good shelters succeed and of course, help all these (adorable) dogs to find their forever home.



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