Get Your Money’s Worth: Tips For Maximizing Your AYCE Experience

Tips for Maximizing Your AYCE Experience

Tips for Maximizing Your AYCE Experience

AYCE — in other words, All You Can Eat — the favourite large group activity. Usually sushi. Everyone loves food, everyone loves company, everyone loves binging. Especially on sushi.

Now that it’s December, that means getting together with friends and family that you haven’t seen in a while. And you can bet that AYCE, sushi or not, will be somewhere on your calendar. Trouble is that AYCE can be a bit pricey. So we’re here to tell you how to maximize your AYCE experience and get the most out of your money.

Tip 1: Avoid excessive drinking

Drinks will make you fill fuller by taking up space in the stomach. But then after you’re done eating, it’ll leave your system quicker than solid food, and you’ll be feeling unsatisfied. Though soft drinks may be included in the price, avoid them especially. They fill up your precious stomach space with air. As for water, take small sips throughout your meal. 

Tip 2: Exercise beforehand

Tips for Maximizing Your AYCE Experience

When you burn calories from working out, your body needs to make up for it in food. So you’ll feel hungrier. And you’ll be able to eat more. In addition, not only will your body physically need more food, you’ll feel less guilty about consuming more after you’ve worked out. I mean, you deserve it, right? 

Tip 3: Eat regularly leading up to AYCE

Tips for Maximizing Your AYCE Experience
A common mistake people make when they know they’re going for AYCE later, is to starve themselves for the whole day beforehand. You think you’re going to be hungrier if you don’t eat at all, but we’ve all experienced the “so hungry I’m not hungry anymore” feeling. What happens is that your stomach tightens. In order to get your stomach as stretchy as possible, eat small portions of easily digestible food throughout the day. Fruits and carbs are a good bet! 

Tip 4: Bust out your fat pants

Tips for Maximizing Your AYCE Experience

Strictly no jeans. Jeggings maybe. Leggings or sweats are your best bet. High-waisted pants or skirts are the devil. They’ll restrict your stomach’s expansion and make eating a lot super uncomfortable. Also, don’t wear anything clingy, like a skintight shirt, because you can be sure your belly’s going to be popping out today.

Good thing harem pants and loose fashion sweatpants are trendy at the moment. You can still look on point while dressed for AYCE.

Tip 5: Take advantage of the pickled ginger

Tips for Maximizing Your AYCE Experience

If you’re at a Japanese AYCE sushi restaurant, they’ll have pickled ginger. It’s usually right next to the wasabi, but you can always just ask for it. Ginger is an appetite stimulant. When you need a break from gorging yourself, suck on some of that ginger. If you’re not at a sushi restaurant, really anything with ginger works too.

Tip 6: Eat some haw flakes with your food

Tips for Maximizing Your AYCE Experience

Haw flakes are a Chinese round candy sort of snack that’s made from the hawthorn plant. They’re another easy way to naturally boost your appetite. It’s not a magic food though, so don’t expect to have an empty stomach right after eating them! 

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