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Over-sharing is one of this generation’s biggest faults. We’ve all done it, some of us even had to hit the delete button once or twice. But some of us take the sharing a little too far. If that person you? Here are ten signs you’re sharing too much on social media:

1. You hate on your job. Or worse, your boss.

And because of this you feel this overwhelming desire to post it on Facebook or Twitter for all the world to see. What make it even more awkward? You’re friends with some of your coworkers, some of which are probably friends with your boss. You know, the one you hate? Not only is this childish and completely unprofessional, don’t be surprised if this post comes back to bite you in the butt.

2. I know what you ate today… for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I get it, food is great. I love food, you love food, we all love food. But some of you foodies post an excessive amount of food porn. Not you mention you have a tendency to post every. single. ingredient in the caption. We can all appreciate a food pic here and there but if I know what you’re eating everyday, three times a day it’s time for you to join Evernote Food or Platter.

3. You post selfies…multiple times a day.

Or worse, you’ve taken #nudes or #aftersex selfies. Not only does it make you look super self-centred and egotistical, think about what first impressions you give off to potential employers. “I’ll just delete it,” you say?  Nothing really gets deletes off the internet.

4. Flying high as a kite.

I don’t care how badass you think you look with a joint in your hand, but looking high ain’t cute. Especially (again), to potential employers.

5. You settle personal feuds on social media.

You know what I’m talking about. Someone posts a picture or status on something and it sparks an arguement. Next thing you know, that status has over 30 comments between two people just going back and forth. We all have drama going on in our lives so settle them like the rest of us – in person. Your Facebook isn’t the platform to settle your drama.

6. Drinking pics… and you’re not even legal yet.

“OMG, look at me! I’m drinking vodka, I must be cool!” You’re not. You know what you do look like though, an alcoholic who doesn’t know how to control their alcohol consumption. Now that’s attractive.

7. Your status updates give your friends a daily play-by-play of your day.

Trust me, no one cares that much.

8. You post your relationship status on Facebook.

Okay, know before you overreact, this one is for your sake, not for the sake of all your single friends. By all means, if you really have to, update your relationship status to “in a relationship” but don’t specifically tag the person you’re in a relationship with. By doing that, you’re just giving everyone to thumbs up to stalk this poor guy. And what happens when you break up? You have to change your status to “single” which will inevitably inform everyone on your friends list. Suddenly you’re getting a dozen text messages asking you, “WHAT HAPPENED?!!!!?”  Now you don’t really want that.

9. Your personal information isn’t that personal.

You would think this is common sense but, you’d be surprised. Never post your address, phone number and any banking information. Also never post a picture of your VISA card, health card or open passport. The last thing you want is for everyone to know all your personal information AND be a target for identify theft. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

10. The daily Candy Crush or Farmville updates.

Not only does it clog up everyone’s newsfeed but if makes yourself look like you have a little too much time on your hands. We get it, we were all obsessed with those games at some point it’s just your obsession is getting a little out of hand…

 Tell us…

Are you someone who over-shares on social media?

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