Top 10 Best Movie Soundtracks

What makes a great movie? That would be the soundtracks. When it comes to a good movie we have to admit that what makes scenes so memorable is the music that accompanies it. Our list of top 10 best movie soundtracks is here to celebrate the films soundtrack as a whole, and not just certain songs. We also have to admit that just because we like the movies soundtrack doesn’t necessarily mean that we like the movie itself. We just appreciate good music.

The Great Gatsby


We can’t help but feel as though Lana Del Rey got snubbed for a Grammy win with her song Young and Beautiful for this award winning movie. The Great Gatsby featured songs from Jay Z, Queen Bey, Florence and The Machine, and The XX just to name a few.

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50 Shades of Grey


A movie that’s no stranger to headline news, 50 Shades of Grey nailed it with their soundtrack. Featuring songs from The Weeknd, Sia, and Beyonce this soundtrack earns some recognition.

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Any soundtrack that features multiple songs by Ellie Goulding has our support. There’s something about seeing a group of kids fighting an oppressive system to an epic soundtrack featuring Snow Patrol and M83.

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1


Another tween series turned movie, The Hunger Games soundtrack features the amazing talents of Lorde, Tove Lo, and The Chemical Brothers. Of course there’s also the bonus track of the amazing performance by Jennifer Lawrence’s The Hanging Tree with multiple remixed versions.

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Tom Cruise’s sci-fi flick may have bombed at the box office, but the soundtrack will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Many of the songs may be instrumental, but they come from the wonderful talent of M83. And trust us, they’re amazing.

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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2


The best thing about sitting through Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s epic love child stealing the heart of Jacob was listening to the soundtrack. Our personal favourite was Fire in The Water by Heist which played during Bella and Edwards sex scene. The soundtrack also features Iko and the ever talented Christina Perri.

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The Fault in Our Stars


This is the film that broke the hearts of countless people worldwide. Good ol’ John Green certainly knew what he was doing when he focused his novel (turned movie) around the tragic love of cancer patient Hazel Grace and a dying teenage boy, Augustus Waters. The soundtrack reflects the tragic atmosphere with the talents of Ed Sheeran, M83, and Lykke Li.

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Another film from Christopher Nolan that features music from the award winning composer Hans Zimmer. Don’t know him? Listen to his work in Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, and pretty much anything else Christopher Nolan has directed.

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Tron Legacy


The hype surrounding this film was due to this movies soundtrack, which was composed by Daft Punk. Many people went to see Tron in theatres so that they could enjoy Daft Punk in all its glory with surround sound.

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The Breakfast Club


We’re going old school with you guys. The breakfast Club was considered one of the greatest movie soundtracks thanks to it’s iconic song Don’t You Forget About Me by Simple Minds. Nothing will ever beat the movies ending when Judd Nelson (as John Bender the criminal) raises his fist in triumph as he walks across the football field as the song plays in the background.

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What’s your list of top 10 best movie soundtracks?

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