Top 10 Friends Every Mom Needs in Her Life

Top 10 Friends Every Mom Needs in her Life

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Good friends are better than all the riches in the world. Good friends build us up when we are down. They inspire us, motivate us, laugh with us, cherish us, hug us, support us and go shopping with us!

[quote_center]β€˜It’s the friends you can call up at 4am that matter.’ – Marlene Dietrich[/quote_center]

Becoming a parent is a life-changing experience like no other hence pick good friends! So it’s absolutely essential to have good friends in our lives.

Here are the top ten friends every mom needs in her life (the more the merrier):

1. The Mommy Friend

First and foremost, we need to have a mommy friend. She knows exactly what we’re going through without having to go into much detail and explanation: she knows motherhood inside out, she knows when you need a coffee, a manicure or a new lipstick. Cherish her!

2. The Health Nut

This amiga always has glowing skin, has a gym membership (and uses it), eats local/organic food, and prefers little or natural make up. She’s pretty much a saint. The healthy friend inspires us to eat our vegetables and opt out of dessert. She’ll tell us if we need to ‘up’ our vitamin intake and drink more H2O. Moms, listen to your healthy friend – she’s better than a naturopathic doctor, because first and foremost, she’s your friend.

Top 10 Friends Every Mom Needs in her Life

3. The Flight Attendant

Your flight attendant’s friend’s world is full of exotic places, beautifully hand-crafted souvenirs, delicious food, fabulous people she encounters along the way and amazing clothes that she collects from around the world. This girlfriend is always on the go, therefore make sure you schedule coffee time with her before she’s off on her next flight. And when it’s time for us to book a vacation, skip the travel agent and call your girlfriend – she knows the world inside out, even better than a travel agent!

4. The Tech Savvy

You don’t know a lot about modern technology, especially computers? That’s why you have a tech savvy friend who does! This chick knows it all – she programs for fun. She’s happy to help and answer all of our gadget questions. Always consult your tech savvy friend before you invest in your next lap-top, tablet, or phone, etc.

5. The Hair Stylist

Oh, how lucky we are to have a hair stylist friend. Cuts and highlights galore! Having a hair stylist friend is the equivalent to having private pampering with unlimited appointment hours. Be brave and experiment with new hair trends. Your friend knows exactly which cut and colour suits you because she sees you regularly and is familiar with your facial features – sit back, relax (in her stylist chair) and let the fun begin!

Top 10 Friends Every Mom Needs in her Life

6. The Chef

To have a chef as a friend means only one thing: food! The chef friend feeds you with their gourmet meals. Every time we visit this amiga we eat, it’s beyond exciting and rewarding since we all love food! She’ll love feeding you so always bring your appetite when you get together.

7. The Party Goer

The one friend out of the whole group that knows the city’s hot spots and has connections to all the concerts and venues. When we need to go dancing who do we call? The party goer! She’ll take you places you never knew existed and fun is 100% guaranteed.

8. The Sports Fan

She’s at every game, knows the score, the rules and all the team player’s names. The sports fan chicka is fun, upbeat and energetic. Grab some popcorn and get side court seats with this bella, you’re in for a cheerful night out. Don’t forget your sneakers girlfriends!

Top 10 Friends Every Mom Needs in her Life

9. The Shopper

Is it time for something new? There’s a friend for shopping too! We always need honest advice: “Does this shirt flatter me?” “How do these jeans look?” “Is this the correct colour for my skin tone?” Decisions, decisions, decisions. Not to worry. Your GF will tell you like it is, nothing more and nothing less. Shopping is always more fun when done in pairs!

10. The Comedian

A good laugh can cure anything. Cherish her – your comedian friend that is. She knows how to make you laugh in any situation. This chicka comes with lots of amazing sarcasm, great jokes and funny come-backs!

[quote_center]What are the top ten friends in your life girlfriends?[/quote_center]

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