Top 13 Music Streaming Websites

Are you tired of listening to the same soundtrack everyday? Looking for some new songs on-the-go but don’t want to download them?

YouTube generates 3 billion views per month off of music videos. Channels such as VeVo bring music straight from the artists themselves for people to enjoy. The convenience in this is that you can find whatever song you heard on the radio, add it to your playlist and play it from your laptop or mobile device. The downside is that unless you have a song in mind, you can only go off of suggested videos. And those videos may hog all your bandwidth if you’re not on wifi.

We are going to solve this problem by introducing to you websites we use to stream music. They’re all different in their own ways, so we are sure there is one to fit your needs. Some are based off your mood, others you can chose what artist you would like to listen to. Best of all, they’re all free1 (At least for a limited time). You may have heard of used a few of these, but we hope there are some ones that you haven’t, so you can give them a try.

We hope you enjoy this list!

1. SongZa


How does it work? SongZa recommends the visitor music  based off activities, moods, genre, and decades. It’s a pretty unique setup where based on the time and day of the week, people can chose stuff like “music for chilling in the office” or “music for relaxing before bedtime”. It then asks you what genre you’d like, and then recommends you playlists.

Good for: People that want new music based off their mood and activity.

2. SoundCloud


How does it work? SoundCloud allows artists to put up their own songs and can either set up playlists based off artist or create your own. Theres the “trending” option and sort by genre option.

Good for: People that like music by certain artists. (Especially EDM).

3. Rdio


How does it work? It is exactly what it sounds like — an online radio. It has a rather large catalog of 25 million songs, so you will probably be able to find anything. You can tune into a channel and stay if you like it, or you can follow certain artists. It’s free for 6 months, but after that it’s $9.99 per month. You can pick a lot based off artist alone, but has little in the choice of by mood.

Good for: People on the go with no access to a radio. People who like certain artists.

4. Grooveshark


How does it work? You can search for songs, artists, or genres, or you can get recommendations based off what you’ve listened to before. There are also live broadcasts by users, where they “DJ” and you can tune in.

Good for: People who like listening to specific artists or genres.

5. Jango


How does it work? This is a “free radio station that works like Pandora except with less ads”. You can chose what playlist you want, with the popular ones being “Top 100” and “Pop 2000”. They have a lot of top 40 music and the option to listen by artist. You can build a playlist around a certain artist (for example, if you chose “Justin Bieber”, it’ll give you “Miley Cyrus”).

Good for: People that enjoy popular music and artists that like to build music around certain tastes.

6. Pandora


How does it work? This is another one, pretty similar to Jango, that offers stations that are mostly popular songs on the radio or top 40s music. It has a slightly bigger selection of music but fewer pre-set stations. And they have more ads.

Good for: People that like popular music and more choices in artist based songs.

7. Ghostly Discovery


How does it work? You pick your mood, what level of digital/organic sounds you want, and how fast/slow you want it. It generates a playlist that is suited for you. The music are usually independent labels and underground music.

Good for: People who don’t like top40s and want to find something new.

8. FratMusic


How does it work? User submitted playlists and songs, organized by the popular ones such as “music for chillin” or “predrink”. A large database of mostly remixes and underground (mostly EDM) music.

Good for: People who want party music or to find new remixes.

9. 8 Tracks


How does it work? It’s an internet radio “created by people, not algorithms”. You can chose what to play, with options such as “indie”, “happy”, and “new” music or enter your own genre/mood/activity. It leads you into people generated playlists of songs pertaining to those categories.

Good for: People looking for music based off a particular mood.

10. StereoMood


How does it work? Their motto is “turn your music into mood” and it has user generated playlists that you can chose from based off your mood. You can pick from stuff such as “home cleaning”, “dance music”, and “sex”. It includes music from other languages as well.

Good for: People with diverse tastes in music that want to try something new based off their mood.

11. Musicovery


How does it work? There’s a cool map option for you to chose between energetic, dark, positive and calm. You can chose in between or scroll over to see what type of music it offers based on the artist. There’s also an option to chose by genre.

Good for: People that want a mixture of popular songs and underground songs based off your mood.

12. TuneIn Radio


How does it work? This works exactly the same as a normal radio, with whatever song is playing live at the moment being broadcasted simultaneously to everyone. You can chose from hundreds of stations including talk shows.

Good for: People that like tuning into traditional radio stations.

13. Live365


How does it work? It is similar to TuneIn Radio and it offers stations based off genre and features a lot of popular artists as well as not-so-well-known ones as well. People can broadcast their own stations as well.

Good for: People that like traditional radio stations and a diverse range of music.

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