The Top 14 Posts Of Destination Femme From 2014

As we finish with the countdown to 2015, we start looking back to what we accomplished in 2014. It was a great year with a lot of changes, and new beginnings. Destination Femme only started in June, and we built it from the ground up. It’s been 6 months and we are even more excited for what we will be offering next time! We would like to thank everyone for the support and getting us to where we are now.

Let’s look back on the most popular posts from 2014. If you haven’t yet checked them out, be sure to do so!

1. 5 Scents That Affect Your Mood

5 Scents that Affect Your Mood

What kind of scent should you use to relax? What about for better concentration? We have some handy tips for you girls to remember. Check these off if you’re shopping around for candles!

2. 7 Horror Books Scarier Than Any Movie

7 Horror Books Scarier than Any Movie

Do you like horror? But the movies aren’t scary enough for you? Well, we have a great selection of books to chose from for those that want to get freaked out! It’s never too late to start reading again.

3. Don’t Read These Alone: 7 Creepy and True Tales

Don't Read These Alone: 7 Creepy Tales

These seven tales are said to have all happened in the past century. Great reads for when you’re in the mood for some scary short stories.

4. 7 Ways To Use Colored Eyeshadow Everyday

7 ways colored eyeshadow

Got a new colored palette but can’t find a way to use it on the daily? We have the solution for you — with seven different looks and a whole bunch of variety. We even show you how to pair your colors according to your eye color.

5. The Secretly Crazy Lives Of Famous Writers

The Secretly Crazy Lives of Famous Writers

Do you know what happens in the lives of your favorite writers? From Virginia Woolf to Charles Dickens, there’s something particular about each one that you probably didn’t know.

6. 3 Cute & Easy Braided Hairdos For Summer

summer hairstyles

We lied, this one’s not just for summer. If you’re looking for some really cute hairstyles that you can do on the go, then check out these 3 braided hairdo’s!

7. 6 Desserts Under 100 Calories That Aid In Weight Loss

6 Desserts Under 100 Calories That Aid In Weight Loss

You don’t have to cut down on the yummin-ess in order to lose weight. Satisfy your cravings with these 100 calorie desserts!

8. Down to Your Skivvies: What Guys Think Of Your Underwear

Down to Your Skivvies: What Guys Think

Your underwear can send mixed signals to guys. This is our just-for-fun analysis of what guys think of briefs, boxer shorts, or thongs!

9. 7 Spin-Off Novels That Are Worth Reading

7 spin-off novels that are worth reading

Even if you’re not a huge classics fan, here are some alternatives. The great Illiad isn’t the easiest thing to get through. Good thing is, you got the modern day spin-offs that you can check out!

10. Decoding The Dress Code

Decoding the Dress Code

Suited up for any occasion. We have just the thing to find you the appropriate outside for anything, whether it be a black tie formal or business casual.

11. Tattoos: Things to Consider Before You Get Inked


Considering getting a tattoo? There’s a lot of risk involved. From picking the design to prepping for the day of, we got it covered.

12. What’s your face saying about your personality?

face personality main

You probably won’t be able to get the full gist of someone from just looking at them…. but we can help. Here are some clues passed down from the ancestors to what your facial features say about your personality. (And what others may think of you from those features!)

13. Disney Princesses & Cartoon Characters In Real Life

disney characters real life

Cosplays are the best. We love the work and effort that people put into them. Here are some of our favorites! (So real that we can’t believe they’re not).

14. What Colour Reveals About Your Food

What Colour Reveals About Your Food

You’ll never guess that color can be a great factor in what’s in your food. Haven’t your parents ever told you to focus on your green veggies? Well there’s a reason why! We don’t take in account for food dye.

What were some of your favorites of 2014?

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