10 Top Digital Illustrators On DeviantArt

DeviantArt is best known as the place for anime characters, illustrations, and photoshopped photos. Within this large community lies some of the best digital artists in the world. Multinational and diverse, these people bring together what is the essence of DeviantArt — a collective of new and amazing digital and traditionally produced artwork.

How it works: When someone finishes with an art piece, they can post it up on their profile for people to comment and critique. It is essentially a large portfolio for artists and aspiring artists.

If you have never browsed this website, you would be amazed at how talented some of these artists are. We have collected 10 top digital illustrators on DeviantArt. Subjectively speaking, we can’t call them the “Top 10”, seeing as everyone has different tastes in art, but these artists are generally the most popular. We encourage you to check out their website for more of their work!

10 Top Digital Illustrators On DeviantArt



Stanley “Artgerm” Lau is probably the most well known artist on Deviantart. He’s is one of the veterans and has been around for more than 10 years. We see how much he has progressed and refined his style through 2004 til now. One of his most popular set of works was his “Pepper” collection, where he drew his fictional character Pepper in different styles in order to define his own. What defines him is ability to convey a touch of realism in any character. He has worked with some of the large names in the gaming and comics industry such as Capcom and DC Comics.



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Carlos “Stroggtank” Ortega is a digital sculptor and 3D artist. Very little is known about him except that he’s from Mexico and he does amazing 3D character design. He uses Mudbox, Zbrush, Maya and Photoshop to create some dazzling character displays. He does an amazing job of creating individuality in all of his work — making sure two characters are never the same.



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Dan LuLisi is also one of the most well known ones on DeviantArt, especially for his character rendering abilities. He alters the personas of comic book and movie characters and turns them semi-realistic with their own distinct trait. His “popped culture” series captures each character in a different light. He has evolved from his beginning style but remains true to his subjects. He does a lot of dark and sci-fi work involving famous characters.


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Ein Lee is a self taught illustrator who joined DeviantArt 6 years ago. The only thing we know about her personal life is that she resides in Taiwan. She focuses on drawing anime but she proves herself capable of a multitude of other styles. She draws a lot of inspirations from other anime artists, and we believe she is capable of expanding to great extents.


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Yang Fan is an Asian American illustrator, who creates mostly fan art, but she does do a series of original characters as well . Her style is a mixture of both western and eastern styles. Many of her subjects are famous comic book and movie characters. She does a large series on Thor and Loki that have captured the attention of thousands of deviants. She started out as an anime artist but her style has transitioned to something more realistic.


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Peter is an independent illustrator and concept artist living in the Chicago area. Primarily self taught, he has been working in the game industry for around 7 years.” He was original popular for his series of Angel pictures, but now he is known for his art for Magic the Gathering. His work is really edgy and have a lot of depth to them. He has a lot of ideas and meanings behind his mythical artwork, which transcends reality.


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We love Sakimi “Sushi” Chan because her character creation is incredibly cute and accurate. We see her style in all her recreations — such as Elsa’s Frozen and Jack Frost. She focuses on Disney characters but does not exclude anime and gaming characters. Her style is soft, with bright colors. An amazing thing about her is that she is only 23 years old and she has been a part of DeviantArt for 8 years! She has a lot of potential in the future if she keeps progressing at this rate.


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Tiia “Duxia” Reijonen is an art student from Sweden. It’s amazing that she has so much talent and she’s only 21 years old. We love her because her art is really unique and defining. A lot of this stuff we can’t even imagine from our worst nightmares. She specializes in horror and macabre, which is already pretty different for a girl her age. Most of her work is really twisted and horrific, in a beautiful way. She has been a deviant for 6 years but we only see her  style develop 1-2 years ago in 2013. We are looking forward to big things from her when she grows up more.


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Warren is a professional illustrator from South Africa, who has been a deviant for 6 years. His semi-realistic depictions of characters, especially women, have have gotten him commissions on illustrations for mobile games. We see he is capable of drawing realism as well as cartoon. One thing we expect to see from him in the future is development of his own personal style.


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Paul Hyun Woo Kwon is best known as “Riot Zeronis”, since he works as a digital illustrator and champion character artist for the large gaming company Riot Games. We know him for his character models of League of Legends characters but he does a lot of other female character design as well, including Ryuko (NSFW) from Kill la Kill. His style is already well defined and we see that he has remarkable talent. His flexibility and diversity in the range of his concepts are what make one of our top digital illustrators on DeviantArt.

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