Gone Are The Pencil Skirts: Welcome The Woman Suit.

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suit, model Gone are the days that only men can wear a tailored suit and look sharp. Time to make way for the trendy women who are adopting this classic fashion trend and rocking it better than the dudes. There is something extremely sexy about a woman in man’s clothing, am I right? The awesome part is that sexy in this case doesn’t require mean tons of skin exposure. These ladies are doing it way right. emma watson suit, the blonde salad, alexa chung, olsenAshely Olsen, The Blonde Salad, Alexa Chung, Emma Watson

Although these top trendsetters opted for classier shades of blade and grey, this style is versatile enough for more creativity. The legendary Roberto Cavalli has designed suits with outrageous prints for women who are bored of the everyday suit. Patterns and vibrant colours instantly create a more modern look but if you find the whole set overwhelming, keep the jacket and swap out the trousers for shorts. It exudes to a more relaxed vibe and keeps you sweat free in the summer. The best part of the androgynous look is that females can play it up at either spectrum, ultra girly or James Bond masculine.

roberto cavalli suits, suits, women suits You don’t need to be hitting a red carpet to wear your suit. Depending on how you style the rest of your outfit, you can take a stroll down the street in a jacket blazer and slim fitting trousers to window shop and then slick back your hair and dab some rouge on your lips to dazzle at a fancy party later that night. Don’t be worried that only tall, willowy shapes can wear the suit, if men of all shapes and sizes can look good, be damn sure women can too! There is no end to what you can do with this trend so get your suit and tie on! (Ok, maybe no tie…)

Not everyone can afford a Cavalli suit, so hallelujah to the stores we all know and love. Zara and H&M are great places to find deals on trendy pieces without breaking the bank. If a full suit is too formal for you, you can dress it down by opting for less structured pieces and choosing a softer fabric. Here’s how to dress to impress without looking too business like and without spending a ton of money:

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Waistcoat (Zara), Coloured Pumps (Spring), Jersey Leggings (H&M), White Blouse (The Bay)

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