Trends: Dip Dye Hair, Yes or No?

Chances are you’ve seen gals with funny coloured hair lately. The tips of their locks can range from flaming orange to acid green and the entire look can either be conservative or downright outrageous. The dip dye hair trend is a symbol of youth, experimentation and a bit of reluctance to go nuts and have a whole head of lilac (it can look awesome too). We’ve got a whole list of the dye rainbow to inspire your next trip to the salon and some of the worst ways people have butchered this look. Ready?


The shade of pink you dye your hair to says a lot about you. Going with pastel pink equates to girly, feminine and soft. Choosing hot pink will signal edgy, punk, and a force to be reckoned with. Dare to be cotton candy sweet?

Dip dye Hair


Nothing will scream Halloween ready quite like orange does. Even if that wasn’t the look you were going for, the combination of it will conjure the image of a pumpkin spice latte to anyone’s mind. Dare to wear Autumn in your hair?

Dip dye Hair


If Barbie was your role model as a kid, then try this very artificial colour in your hair. Yellow is extremely bold, especially if it’s synchronous with your highlighter and clashes with anything you wear. This doesn’t stop even the baddest of female stars like Rita Ora to try it on. Dare to go Lady Gaga?

Dip dye Hair


Dark and whimsical are the words that come to mind with green hair. I know one of the images isn’t a dip dye but the mint fresh colour was too gorgeous to not share. Dare to get down and earthy?

Dip dye Hair


Mermaid perfection is all I’m saying. Every shade of blue is loved by everyone so you can’t really go wrong here. Be spontaneous and get them all in your hair at once. It worked great on these babes. Dare to take a dive?

Dip dye Hair


So fun and so fresh. Similar to blue yet a lot more softer looking if the colours are right. Lavender, lilac, magenta, the list goes on. Dare to try all the colours of the rainbow?

Dip dye Hair

This isn’t your average ombré look, this is an in-your-face-totally-very-unnatural hair style. The only way to screw it up would be to come out looking like a Nicki Minaj hair disaster. Popsicle anyone?

nicki minaj

How do you feel about the dip dye hair trend?


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