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To begin, for my opening column with Destination Femme, I want to start off with a little inspiration for all you active and trendy folks out there! A little something to get you all in the trendy fit mood. As time progresses, I’ll take a look into all health and wellness related trends but to ease you in, lets start with your attitude. Let’s begin with a positive attitude because as a wise man once told me: “Your attitude will determine your altitude.”   It’s 5:30 am, your alarm goes off and you immediately hit snooze. Your internal commentary convinces you: “I don’t need to get up for a run, I ran once or twice last week, I’ll just do it later”; thus you sleep the extra 30 minutes. Sound familiar? Let me tell you ladies (and gents), this is the story of my life. While some of you may not like to run, this may speak to you about trying to get your butt to the gym; morning, noon or night. Does not matter the time, sometimes we always just find that one tiny excuse that tells us it’s OK to skip. trendy fit I wake up 30 minutes after the alarm is shut off and the self-loathing begins. I am a runner and to me this is my release, my enjoyment and what I absolutely love to do. So rarely I feel like going for a run or working out in the evenings due to a torturous commute (if you live in anywhere in the GTA you know what I mean!), I’ve learned that this time doesn’t work for me. I often on my travels during the day will see someone out there running and I think to myself, “Self, I really should be doing that right now, good for them.” Immediately, I regret not waking up for this run. Because of my regret I would then jump right to the negative, criticizing their every movement. (Still sound familiar?) trendy fit That is, until one day driving with my fiancé we saw a girl running in the heat and struggling a bit and I heard “at least she’s doing it.” This really hit me. Internally I was producing negative thoughts and then boom, his words changed my attitude. Shame. On. Me! I was letting my own regret affect my attitude. This needed to change! If only we could all take this positive attitude on just getting out there and doing it, making it happen, making that commitment to yourself. Let’s be honest even 15 minutes of movement is better then nothing. Eventually the 15 minutes you struggle with turns into 60 breezy minutes, and trust me, this feels good! Remember that you won’t get to the 60 minutes without your positive attitude. Positivity snowballs. Positivity is where it all begins. After all you must decide to change yourself, change your attitude… the rest will follow. Do it now!

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