True Fit’s Algorithms Will Help You Shop Online

True Fit's Algorithms Will Help You Shop Online

Online shopping is the modern day equivalent of window shopping. We find items that we like, put them into our shopping carts and let them sit there while we continue perusing the site. But once the “view shopping cart” button has been clicked, that’s usually where the fun ends.


Consumers (you and I – the buyers) usually like to put things into our online carts and then leave them there. Retailers often report that many of their users’ carts are filled, but purchases are never made.

Is it because of the pricing? Maybe. Is it because of the shipping? If you’re a Canadian then you’ll understand the hardship of shipping over a measly American border, or even worse, the inability for a company to provide e-commerce.

But more often than not, it’s the fear of the clothes not fitting properly once they’ve been purchased and delivered. When the store doesn’t have a retail location near you, or there’s a shipping fee for returns, why would you want to risk running into the situation where the clothes don’t fit? It clearly just doesn’t make sense. Online stores report a 40% return rate, which is pretty high if you ask us.

True Fit's Algorithms Will Help You Shop Online

Obviously with such a high return rate, online retailers have partnered up with a company, True Fit, in order to help buyers find the right sizes when shopping for clothes. The company has partnered with 1,000 brands in order to get sizing data. Data that’s available to everyone – like the size charts on a website – and specific clothes sizing from the manufacturers as well, gets compiled together into a database.

How does True Fit work?

True Fit's Algorithms Will Help You Shop OnlineWhen you shop on a website that uses True Fit for the first time, you’ll be prompted to answer some personal information including your weight and height, along with the standard size measurements (bust, hips, waist, etc). The most important part about inputting your size preferences is to add your favorite piece of clothing. By including that, True Fit will know the exact fit that you prefer, and that’s how they can gauge whether or not something will fit you.

From there, True Fit’s algorithms matches up your measurements to the ones provided by the retailer in order to suggest you a size that would fit you best. Along with a size suggestion is a rating of how happy you would be with the purchase.

The app will determine your happiness by showing different aspects of the item and tell you how well of a fit it would be to your sizes. The extra happiness component comes from knowing what your favorite piece of clothing is.

From this, True Fit tracks the clothes that you purchase and compares it to the ones that you return. From there, they further relate the sizing that was provided to your favourite piece in order to keep track of which clothes fit you the best.

True Fit's Algorithms Will Help You Shop OnlineQuite simply, True Fit takes all of the guess work out of shopping online. You can literally try things on online without ever having to take your actual clothes off. Imagine being able to do this at your computer instead of walking into a store in the midst of a sale. You can skip that 30 minute wait at the fitting room and instantly know if a piece is suited to your body type or not.

By helping shoppers find their fit, True Fit hopes to reduce the return rate of purchases and keep both retailers and shoppers happy. Afterall, the worst thing about shopping is having to return it right? Isn’t the purpose of shopping to keep the clothes?!

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