The Truth About Food Cravings: You’re Not Craving


We’ve all been there where chocolate or that bag of chips seem to be the only solutions to our body’s internal craving. But, as much as we might want to munch and crunch to satisfy what our stomach wants, our bodies have different ideas.

Did you know that when you crave chocolate your body is just lacking in a particular mineral or vitamin?

With this list, you can avoid your urges and pick up a healthier alternative for those craving-filled days.

Craving: Chocolate

Whether it’s that time of the month where we all curl on the couch in our sweats, or if it’s just a day filled with the domination of our sweet tooth, chocolate is the one thing we should avoid giving into. When you feel a sudden craving for chocolate, your body is actually telling you, you need magnesium.

Instead of reaching for a Kit Kat, grab some raw nuts and seeds instead.

Craving: Soda

When you’re body wants you to pick up some carbonated-sugar-water, you’re actually lacking some calcium. Forget the pop and grab some legumes, kale, cheese, or turnip greens instead.


Craving: Sweets (Like Candy)

While chocolate may make you reach for nuts instead, the general craving for sweets – like gummies – is explained as a lack of five nutrients (chromium, phosphorus, carbon, sulfur, or tryptophan). No, the five original colours of Skittles isn’t enough to satisfy those five nutrients. Instead, curb the craving by eating: broccoli, grapes, sweet potatoes, spinach, cabbage, or cauliflower to stop your sweet tooth.

And for other ways to kill a sugar craving, check out our article on how to really kick it to the curb!

Craving: Something Salty

We’ve all been there. That bag of chips looking beautiful to you? Just want to munch on the extra-salted French fries? Practically ready to just season with some salt? This craving is a huge red flag that you need more chloride or silicone. Instead of reaching for the things that are totally against your healthy diet, try some celery, lettuce, tomatoes, or cashews. Adding extra nuts – unsalted – into your diet (like pumpkin seeds) helps as well.


Craving: Bread or Pasta

Carbohydrates are not an enemy, but too much of anything can be. So, if you’re craving¬†a croissant or that big bowl of spaghetti, what your body is saying is, “Get me some nitrogen.” You can get a healthy dosage of that through nuts, beans, and chia seeds.

Craving: Chewing Ice

It sounds like a weird one, but you’ve probably done it before, even if it wasn’t a sweltering summer day. When your body has a craving to chew on ice you’re actually lacking iron. Frozen water definitely won’t help you in that situation. Try to eat meat, fish, chicken, seaweed, or black cherries to help.

Tell us…

Did any of these tips help you in your latest case of food cravings?

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