Why You Should Try a Staycation This Summer

Why You Should Try a Staycation This Summer

You’re dying to get out of town and away from the monotony of your everyday life. You wake up every morning dreading going to work just to come home, prepare food and get ready for the next day. So you start dreaming about a vacation. Maybe to the Bahamas, Mexico or even Las Vegas. You then start looking into vacation packages and comparing them to your savings only to remember that the next mortgage payment is due soon. Or that the insurance bill is still waiting to be paid off. What’s the next best thing to do when you’re cash strapped and in dire need of some time off? A staycation. You heard us, stay in your city and relax.

Why You Should Try a Staycation This Summer

We often overlook the tourist options in our city because we deem them as “too touristy”. But sometimes these bus and boat tours expose us to hidden gems that we would have never discovered on our own. That little historical bridge over the lake? Yeah, it would be a cute place to take your next date and enjoy the sunset over the water. Or even that sprawling park next to City Hall, it would be the perfect setting for a family picnic.

Nowadays many young couples are opting to take a staycation as opposed to travelling to a different city. There are many factors behind doing this and can range from not having the necessary funds, to not being quite ready to leave your young child in someone else’s care. Here are the top 7 reasons why you should too.

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7 Reasons Why a Staycation is a Good Idea

  1. You won’t waste time traveling

    One of the biggest qualms of travelling is the time that it takes. Crossing to the other side of the world can sometimes take up to a day when flying and even longer when traveling by land. Why bother taking extra time off of work just to waste it on travelling when the time can be spent enjoying your vacation? With a staycation, your travel time might only be up to one hour max to get from one end of the city to the next. This way you don’t have to worry about filling up the gas tank along the way or standing in long lines waiting to pass through airport security.

  2. You won’t have to spend exorbitant amounts on airfare or gas

    If you’ve ever flown anywhere than you know how much of a game booking tickets can become. Each destination has its best time to book for the cheapest tickets. However, these time frames may not always be in your best interest or fit your schedule. You may have to resort to shelling out $3,000 or more just to find that perfect flight schedule with minimum delays or layovers. Why not save on that cost and travel within your city for less than a tank of gas?

  3. Your travel itinerary won’t be fixed

    So you’ve booked the tickets and you’re ready to go. You accidentally set the stove on fire in the last minute trying to boil some water and now you’ve missed your flight. Instead, of you had taken a staycation, you wouldn’t have to stress about rebooking your flight schedule. Two hours late for your leaving time? That’s ok, you have all day to check into your hotel anyways. Plus it’s a 20 minute drive away, so you’re safe! Even better, if you want to do a weekend camping trip in your backyard, with a staycation you’re never more than a walk away from your house!

  4. You can buy as much as you want without having to declare it

    All that money you just saved on not having to book a flight ticket? Well now you can spend it all shopping and not have to worry about declaring it or getting taxed extra. Sure you lose the allure of buying something foreign or paying less in tax, but now you can buy as much as you want without the fear of security agents discovering that you went over the limit!Why You Should Try a Staycation This Summer

  5. You now have a reason to try out that expensive new restaurant/hotel/spa/resort

    You’ve continously passed by that fancy new restaurant near your work but can never bring yourself to walk in because it’s just so ridiculously expensive. Well now you have a reason to dress your best, make a reservation and treat yourself. We always seem to indulge when on a vacation so make sure to do the same and ditch your diet for the night. Remember, one meal won’t make you gain weight magically overnight. You can now also check into that suave hotel without feeling guilty. Most of us tend to pick the cheapest option when we’re traveling out of town because we only really use the hotel to sleep and bathe ourselves. But now that you have more time to enjoy the amenities, why not try out the 5 star option in the heart of your downtown and order room service? You deserve to be pampered and spoiled.

  6. Explore parts of the city you would never see if you weren’t a tourist

    Take that tour of a torn down prison you wouldn’t usually think of visiting. Book a haunted walk to take in the sights that usually pass you buy. Take advantage of this time to partake in the tourist activities that you would usually pass on and enjoy your city in a new light. Plus you won’t have to rush in the morning when you’re getting ready to make it in time for that 9 AM tour by waking up at 6 AM. You’re so close to your destinations that you can get out of bed at 8 AM and still make it in time. No more early morning rushes for a staycation!

  7. If you have kids, you don’t have to worry about being to far from them

    Getting a baby sitter or leaving you children with anyone else is always the biggest cause of anxiety for a parent. By taking a staycation, you’re never more than a quick car ride away from your children. So if one of them falls and breaks an arm, or decides that they want to skip a few days of school, you can quickly hop back into your car or use public transportation to go home. Albeit we don’t want this to be a reason for you to end your staycation.


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