One of our major promises every morning is to spend more time on the beauty rest and less time on the beauty. Because you know, you’ll be able to worry less about fixing yourself up if you’re already looking perfect right? Except even with the right amount of beauty rest, you may not necessarily be able to get rid of bed head. Obviously the go to answer is to throw it all up into a bun and call it a day, but why do something so simple when you can make it better?

However, because some of us are hairstyling newbies and don’t have years of practice on our hands, we’ve created 2 different versions of an elegant and sophisticated hairstyle: The Twisted Half-Halo Hairdo. One is perfect for the quick “I’m in a rush and I still need to look good” situation, while the other is more detailed and will have others standing there wondering just how you did your hair today!

The Twisted Half Halo Hairdo: 2 Versions of 1 Look

What you’ll need:

  • 1 elastic

The instructions:

  1. Start with curly/wavy hair.
    Make sure to start with lived-in hair. It can either be day-old or wavy/curly. This will help the twist hold its shape and will give the overall look some more texture.
  2. Sweep your hair to one side and tie it together.
    Pull all of your hair to one side of your head. Tie it together at the base of your neck.
  3. Make sure that the elastic isn’t too tight.
    Don’t tie it too tight because you’re going to need some space for the twist.
  4. Split the top of your pony tail in half with your thumb and index finger.
    Poke your thumb and index finger through half of the hair above the elastic.
  5. Pull the hair through.
    Grab all of the hair underneath the elastic and pull it through using those two fingers.
  6. Tighten the pony tail.
    If the elastic is showing, push it up a little bit and hide it underneath the twist. And voila, you’re done!

You’re now ready to go out and about on your day, with the least amount of effort possible!

Twosted Dutch Half Halo

What you’ll need:

  • 2 elastics

The instructions:

You’ll be making 2 dutch twists on either side of your head until they meet at one side of your neck. A dutch twist is similar to a french braid in the sense that you continously add hair to each section. However instead of braiding, you will be twisting your hair.

Each successive addition of hair will only be to one side of the twist as opposed to both sides. This in result will create a halo-like effect around the crown of your head.

  1. Split a section of hair near your temple.
    Grab a section of hair near your temple and split it in half. Then grab a smaller section of hair immediately underneath it and add it to one of the halves.
  2. Twist the thick section over top of the thin one.
    Take the thicker section and twist it over top of the thin one.
  3. Grab another section of hair close to your face.
    Take another section of hair and add it to the piece that is closest to your face.
  4. Repeat.
    Repeat the process to create a dutch braid until you get down to your neck.
  5. Tie it off.
    Tie off that section of hair to keep it in place, we’ll now begin working on the other side.
  6. Grab a section of hair on the opposide side of your head, near your temple, and split it in half.
    Repeat the same first step as what you did on the opposite side of your head.
  7. Begin the dutch twist.
    Start twisting your hair and adding hair from the outside with each twist.
  8. Twist till you reach the bottom of your neck.
    Continue the dutch twist until you reach the bottom of your neck.
  9. Continue the twist and then pull it across your neck to the opposite side.
    Keep making the dutch twist across the base of your head until you reach the opposite side and meet up with the other twist.
  10. Grab all of the hair.
    Take all of your hair and put it together.
  11. Secure your hair.
    Tie all of your hair together and then remove the elastic that was holding the first twist that you made.
  12. Poke your index and thumb through the top of the ponytail.
    Using your index finger and thumb, poke them through the hair above your elastic.
  13. Pull the ponytail through.
    Pull the base of your pony tail through the hair above the elastic (like in the easy version). If your twist already looks good, you can choose to skip this step.
  14. Tighten everything.
    Split the ponytail in half and pull in opposite directions in order to tighten everything.
  15. Et voila!
    Your Twisted Dutch Half-Halo is complete!

Which Twisted Half-Halo do you prefer?

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