Types of Guys to Avoid

Types of Guys to Avoid

If you’re just starting out on the dating scene then you’re in luck for some great advice. If you’ve been around the block and have had your fair share of relationships, then this might come in handy if you’re still looking for the one. There’s so many fish in the giant fish bowl of the world, but many of them will save you hardship and heartache if you avoid them right off the bat.

1. The High School Sweet Heart

Types of Guys to Avoid

Your high school sweet heart will most likely be the guy you started dating while still in high school and the relationship continued past graduation. We’re not saying that every guy you date for long term in high school should be dropped after you graduate, but think of the possibilities.

When you go on to work at a job or continue education, you’ll meet so many new people. Why limit yourself to new relationships by being held down by an old one?

Let that high school sweet heart go and talk to the new hottie in your advanced calculus course.

2. The Partier

Types of Guys to Avoid

It’s great when you can find a guy that enjoys going out as much as you do! No one wants a couch potato who refuses to leave their house or gets angry when you try to have some fun. But your guy also needs to know how to prioritize his life beyond just partying. If all he wants to do on the weekends is party and drink 3 days straight, how are you going to catch up on you sleep and do all of your work/school work? How are you going to spend time with your family?

Avoid the guy that only cares about drinking with his best buds 24/7 because that lifestyle can be very draining and it’ll catch up to you no matter how many coffees you down.

3. The Player

Types of Guys to Avoid

Yes he caught your eye, but only because he’s a good flirt. If you’re dating a serial player that just got left another girl before you guys got together that might be a sign that he’s not that committed. If he flirts with your friends when you hang out and just says “but that’s just the way that I am”, then he’s not the one for you.

He should know when to lay off the flirtatious banter and when to turn it on – only when it’s directed at you. Stay away from this fellow because he’ll break your heart without you even knowing it.

4. The Cheater

Types of Guys to Avoid

Did your new fellow start dating you while he was with another girl? You know that saying once a cheater, always a cheater? What’s to stop him from cheating on you with another girl if he used you for the same purposes?

Sure he may say that he’s committed to you and that he’s never going to cheat on you, but if he’s done it once, his boundaries to do it again won’t be a strict as yours. Watch out for this one and don’t invest too much of your time and feelings into the relationship.

5. The Drug Dealer

Types of Guys to Avoid

Ah, the elusive boy with lots of money and connections. Sure, he’ll be able to buy you that brand new Chanel bag from the latest collection, but will you be dragged down when he’s arrested?

The allure of a bad boy is always fun but eventually his lifestyle will catch up into yours causing everything to spiral downwards.

How are you going to introduce him to your parents and friends? Will you always have to tell lies about his job, and aren’t you afraid of his safety? Thoughts like these shouldn’t be boggling down your relationship and shouldn’t even be in your life. If it wasn’t your choice to be a drug dealer than don’t make this boy your man or else his life will become yours.

6. The Sugar Daddy

Types of Guys to Avoid

While we’re on the topic of a guy that can buy you a Chanel bag, avoid sugar daddies at all costs. Obviously a man that can shower you with gifts could be a dream for most girls, but don’t you want to feel independent?

Remember that feeling when you were younger and you just got those new Ked’s completely dirty and didn’t care because your mom and dad had paid for it? What about the first $200 purse that you bought after saving up from your late nights working at the bar? That purse was loved and taken care of, you freaked out when your friend spilled wine on it and pet it dry like an animal. Gone are those days of caring for your belongings if your sugar daddy buys them all for you.

Don’t let the concept and value of money escape you, avoid this guy.

7. The Stalker

Types of Guys to Avoid

He’s knows everything about you from your favorite drink, where you love to shop and places you like to visit – before you even met. How? He internet stalked you of course. Or maybe he did some very good Google investigation.

Don’t date a guy who knows everything about you before you tell him anything on your own. Chances are he’ll keep invading in your privacy well after you get into a relationship with him.  Although you may be partners, everyone still deserves a little bit of privacy to themselves.

8. The Jerk

Types of Guys to Avoid

He treats his friends better than he treats you. Every date with him turns into a huge party with friends. He doesn’t say “hi” to your parents when he comes over and he’s always making you pay for everything – even his credit card bill.

Don’t date a guy that doesn’t respect you. You’re telling him that it’s okay to walk all over you if you give him your time and day.

If he’s the type that treats his friends better, maybe he’s just better off as a friend.

9. The Married Guy

Types of Guys to Avoid

First of all, if you didn’t know he’s married then it’s okay. But once you find out, get the hell out. Why are you okay with wrecking a marriage? Sure, it might be tumultuous, on the rocks, maybe it’s perfectly fine and he just wants to mess around. But now you’re also affecting his wife, not just him. It’s definitely not okay to mess around with someone else’s relationship. If you also need another reason, go back and re-read #4.

10. Clingy One

Types of Guys to Avoid

Fantastic, he buys you tampons, does grocery runs at 2 AM just to pick up ice cream and will drive half way across the city to pick you up from work just to drop you off 10 minutes away from where you just got picked up. He’s quite literally your slave.

Obviously it’s not fun to have someone who says “no” to you, but it’s also not fun to have someone who says “yes” all of the time. You need someone who is independent and can think for themselves. Will he ever be content with his life if he’s busy doing everything that you ask?

Ditch this one.

11. The Boring One

Types of Guys to Avoid

He can’t start conversations on his own and whenever you want to do anything his response is the same “I don’t know, you pick something”.

Don’t stay with someone who doesn’t make any effort to do anything. You want to be with someone who encourages your creativity and supports your thoughts by providing theirs.

12. The One that’s Afraid of Commitment

Types of Guys to Avoid

You’ve gotten your new condo and have an extra set of keys. You give it to your man friend but he gets scared and backs down. It’s just a silly key so that he can get in easily without having to always wait for you to open the door or be home.

If you’re looking for a long term relationship then this is not the way to go. You should both have the same idea of where you’d like to head so don’t settle for a guy that isn’t interested in commitment.

13. The One Who Doesn’t Want to Grow Up

 Types of Guys to Avoid

He’s always asking to borrow money from you because he can’t seem to manage how much he spends. He just graduated from high school and is working odd jobs because he doesn’t want a real job to tie him down. A career life just isn’t for him. He doesn’t seem to think that washing his clothes is a necessary component of hygiene and would rather play video games all night and then be late for work the next morning.

It’s time to give up on the guy with no responsibilities. How is he supposed to know how to be a good boyfriend and take care of you if he can’t even take care of himself?

14. The Desperate One

Types of Guys to Avoid

He used to be interested in your friend, but when she turned him down he turned himself on to you. Sure he may be cute and all, but jumping from one girl to another is a sign of desperation. Do you want someone following after you 24/7 and texting you while you’re at work? When you have arguments are you okay with him asking you for two hours straight if you’re still mad at him and if there’s anything he can do to fix it?

Yeah, we all get that it’s nice to have someone fawn after us, but he needs to know his limits. Get over him.

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