The 6 Types of Ex-Girlfriends You Don’t Want To Be

We’ve all had our share of horrible break ups. Some of us retreat back into our rooms with a tub of cheap ice cream and shut the blinds to have a good cry while others dust their shoulders off and carry on with their lives. Whatever a woman chooses to do to feel right again, there are good and of course, terrible ways to cope with a heartbreak. Extreme behaviour in any case is bad behaviour and is usually exhibited during an emotional high, aka break up. Let’s keep our dignity in place and not be one of these common types of ex-girlfriends:

1. Avenger

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R-E-V-E-N-G-E. You’re out for blood, super fresh blood. The sadness is buried because you’re extremely pissed instead, how could he have dumped through text or cheated on you??! It’s easier to see red than forgive and forget but don’t let rage engulf you. Have a safe mini-bonfire in your backyard to get rid of old photos and birthday cards if that will help release some pent up anger. Better yet, plan a night out with the ladies and make sure you look super flaming hot to remind yourself that you still got it on. Don’t bash him online or slash his tires, he lost something good, the best revenge is to make sure he realizes it himself.

2. Creeper

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Please, please, please for everyone’s sake, do not harass your ex-boyfriend by doing any of the following: drive by his front door five times a day, coincidently bump into him at his favourite coffee shop every morning (he is not that gullible), or call him and hang up. Not only is it cliché Leave the binoculars at home ladies.

3. Poet

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Sometimes, it’s best to put your phone in the care of your best friend while you’re still hurting. The urge to post cheesy song lyrics on Facebook or Twitter can be irresistibly strong but doing so calls all gossips to pry when you don’t want to share. It’s basically shooting yourself in the foot and definitely not putting your best foot forward. Stay away from social media for a while and keep the sad music for your earbuds only.

4. Hermit


Take off his moulding sweatshirt and chuck it lady because you’re done. Hiding at home under your covers is not the way you want to live life. Your friends will forgive you for disappearing for a week but no one will come visit if you’ve been rotting a pool of candy wrappers. Pick yourself up, hop in the shower and start feeling like a proper human being who enjoys sunshine.

5. Binger

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Completely opposite of the Hermit, the Binger craves a social marathon. She heads out to the biggest party every week and throws back all the drinks in her hand. You can usually spot her laughing in the middle of a crowd because she’s the one trying extra hard to make jokes and get drunk. This is the quick fix to forget pain, it can get you high for a few hours but the next morning, you’re lonely and hungover. The only thing we can all learn from her is to laugh more.

6. Bestfriend

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In a fairytale sorta ending, you’re able to be around your ex because the relationship was either not that serious or you weren’t very invested. No matter the case, you should avoid seeing your ex-partner frequently because they might be harbouring some feelings for you. Your relationship ended for a reason so take some time away from him and see how life goes. Missing him is completely normal because you’re used to his presence but don’t think transitioning to being his gal pal will be simple. Tread this friendship line carefully because things can get complicated very fast.

Love doesn’t have to last forever each time. Be thankful to have experienced it with your partner and don’t turn against the world because it didn’t work out. Avoid being the ex-girlfriend that everyone ends up rolling their eyes at. A break-up will require serious emotional mending so be healthy and ask for support when you need it. Hold your head up high and on to the next one!

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