What Your Undergraduate Degree Says About You

Undergraduate Degree

Undergraduate Degree

So your undergraduate degree may not have been successful in getting you a job (especially since nowadays, it seems like having an undergraduate degree is the equivalent to having a high school diploma). It may also have absolutely nothing to do with your degree. Listen, we hear you! Between all of our staff’s undergraduate degrees, we have an entire portfolio of disciplines – from sex studies to cellular molecular biology. It may help us write some interesting articles, but beyond that, our undergraduate degrees basically taught us how to use big words… and that’s about it.

Despite being basically just 4 years of intense training in alcohol consumption and some questionable, well uhm… “sleepovers”, undergraduate degrees do say quite a bit about you. These are some tell tale signs that giveaway just what you did during those young adult phases and what type of person you are.

Engineering… all types

Undergraduate Degree

You put a lot of stock into jewelry… more specifically, in that tiny little iron ring. You show it off whenever you can and brag that it really represents the humility and righteousness of an engineer (kind of backwards if you think about it though). That ring cost you a whole whopping $40K+. Eeks. That’s the most expensive piece of welded iron we’ve ever heard of.

Business or in fancy terms, Commerce

Undergraduate Degree

All your childhood dreams were about getting that job in a bank, riding long elevator rides, and wearing suits. You also didn’t realize that your degree required that much math (like really, who needs to know advanced calculus when you’re just balancing books) and realized that accounting (and accountants) are really boring. Your dreams came crashing down when you realized you had to start as a “CSR” or more commonly known as… a bank teller. Your parents are not very happy about this.

Law… well, Legal Studies

Undergraduate Degree

You reluctantly admit that you watch Suits religiously and secretly wish you could be as badass as Harvey Specter and as cool as Jessica Pearson. You were hell bent on being a lawyer because you were always told “you’re a talker” and that you could keep anyone out of jail. Then you realized that corporate law is where you make big bucks. You also realized you would also be out of big bucks by going to law school… so you didn’t.

Molecular Biology and all those complicated sounding degrees

Undergraduate Degree

You graduated… somehow – because you don’t really understand half of the things you learned. You also tend to small details when it really doesn’t matter. The biggest thing you took out of your degree was probably some cool lab experiment where you got to make something explode or maybe it was the experience of working on a dead body. Either way, you don’t use anything of what you learnt.

Fine Arts (visual, performance… all that jazz)

Undergraduate Degree

You’re a creative. You’re probably really passionate about what you do and your schooling didn’t teach you anything really. Instead it gave you a space to really pursue your passion and a piece of paper telling you you could do what you already could. You’re also now living in your parents’ basement (or the alike) trying to figure out how to sell your paintings.

Math. Because it is. Although AKA Actuary Sciences

Undergraduate Degree

People always ask you if you if you studied birds (which is actually called ornithology, WTF) because somehow actuary sciences sounds like it has to do with birds. People also assume you MUST be asian. You know how to do really fancy equations that look more like the alphabet rather than math. You have a lot of formulas to understand things but don’t really know how these fancy combinations of numbers and letters will equate to you making that moula.

Comp Tech and all those geeky degrees

Undergraduate Degree

You were either a really geeky (and often picked on) kid in high school but you found your clique in your undergraduate program. You finally felt like you were surrounded by people who just get you (and your very dry humour). You don’t understand how people don’t read code because “it’s the language of the future”. You hear about all these tech start ups and really want to work for/start one. You are sure that you will find a job because IT/Tech is booming. Even thought you’re still not the coolest kid on the block… you’re probably right.

Do you match these profiles? Did we miss any noteworthy undergraduate degrees? Tell us about them!

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