United Airlines Sue 22-Year-Old For Finding A Way To Get Cheaper Flights

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People are always on the lookout for cheaper fares for flights, especially for those that travel a lot. We know from a history of raised prices on such fares, that airline prices have gone up absurdly over the last 5 or 10 years. Did you know that a lot of those prices reflect not solely on the distance traveled, but by the profit they can make?

Well, 22-year-old Aktarer Zaman has found a way that eliminates that, and it could save you 10 to 70% of your airfare.


Aktarer Zaman came up with skiplagged.com a year ago, and it has recently gotten the attention of a lot of people. The concept for it is fairly simple, and even New York Times has talked about it.

Say you have a flight that you want to go directly from Florida to Toronto. The price is $500. Airlines purposely make direct flights more expensive depending on what the popularity of the location is. For flying between two big cities, you’re often going to come up to a high total cost rather than if you want to fly from Florida to Quebec City, but with a layover in Toronto. So if the price from Florida to Toronto is $500, the trip from Florida to Quebec City, but with a layover in Toronto might be only $500.

What skiplagged does is find that flight that has the layover, and lets you buy it for a cheaper price. You only have to get to the layover city (which is your destination) and not go onto the second half of the trip.

This is what people call “hidden city ticketing”. It’s one way for airlines to make more profit out of select cities, because they are usually the most popular ones. Yes, there are the negatives to this, such as the airline might suddenly change the flight to a direct flight instead (in which case, you might have to refund your ticket). If they do, you should just be honest.

So as expected, United Airlines coupled with Orbitz are unhappy about this, calling it “unfair competition” and that it is “strictly prohibited” travel. They suing skiplagged.com for $75,000 in lost revenue.

What we think is that they probably want to scare him off by threatening to sue, but it will backfire on them. Skiplagged has gotten a lot of publicity in the last few weeks and they are holding their ground. United Airlines and Orbitz really don’t have much of a ground to win their case.

If you are passionate about the cause, you should let everyone know. To help Aktarer have the money to go into the lawsuit, you can make a donation right on his GoFundMe account. He is currently looking for $20,000 so that he can actually afford a lawyer. If he wins, Skiplagged would not be taken down and there is hope of leveraging cheaper airline prices for everyone in the future.

What do you think of Skiplagged and the current airline pricing situation?

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