Urban Decay Electric Palette: Aquamarine Eye Look

Urban Decay Electric Palette: Aquamarine Eye Look

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It’s not everyday that you get a palette with electrifying neon colors which can turn into a wearable summery look. Although this may not be a neutral look for the faint at heart, if you’re daring to show some color this season, then this palette is definitely one to pick up.

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Let’s start off with a quick recap of this palette. The Electric palette is comprised of 10 pressed pigments where 2 are re-promotes (Revolt and Chaos) and 8 are completely brand new (Gonzo, Jilted, Slowburn, Urban, Savage, Freak, Fringe, Thrash). Of the new 8, 4 (Jilted, Slowburn, Urban, Savage, Freak) are not recommended for use in the immediate eye area. The FDA has not tested or approved the use of neons in the immediate eye area, so be mindful when applying colors from this palette and where you want to be using them.

There’s a fair share of mattes and shimmers in this palette, so you won’t be creating an overly sparkly eye on top of the neon.

Electric Palette – Swatch Review

Urban Decay Electric Palette: Aquamarine Eye LookFrom Left to Right

Thrash: This pigment is a “bright lime green with floating gold pearl” that leans slightly chartreuse. Out of direct lighting, it appears a little bit matte, but when placed in the sun, the shimmer truly comes out. The finely milled pigment gives off a good color payoff but can be slightly chalky and dusty during application. If you’re using this color for your look, make sure to apply foundation afterwards to correct any color mistakes.

Freak: This color is a “bright green with a gold shift” that is slightly pastel, but the yellow undertones causes it to lean slightly warm. The color payoff is good, and the shimmer is much more present than seen in Thrash.

Urban: This frosty purple is a described as a “bright metallic purple” that’s loaded with shimmer, so we recommend pairing it down with a matte finish to tone down the look that you’re creating.

Jilted: This color is a “bright metallic fuschia with a blue shift” that leans on the cooler side. With a strong color payoff, a little goes a long way so have a slight hand when using this pigment.

Revolt: This pigment is a “bright metallic silver shimmer with silver glitter” that will make you feel like an intergalactic astronaut whirling through space. The strong presence of glitter means that it’ll eventually fall out a bit once you’ve finished your look. So be sure to bind look with a primer in order to prevent too much fallout.

Gonzo: This shade is a “bright turquoise matte with a floating tonal pearl” where the opalescent finish is indeed present. We loved how easily easily it blended on the eyelid even though it had an extremely strong color pay off.

Slowburn: Is a “bright red-orange matte with floating pearl” that comes off stronger in the red shades than orange. The pigment also came out more of a matte than pearl which is great since you won’t want to have red fall out all over your face. Although the pigment was a matte, the powder was finely milled enough that it didn’t come off chalky.

Savage: This pigment is definitely a Barbie approved “bright hot pink matte” color with cool undertones. It applied best when pressed on as opposed to being brushed on, which is great for blending out. Just make sure that you go back and pack back on afterwards for a stronger color pay off.

Fringe: This color is described as a “bright metallic teal” that applied smoothly with a pearlescent sheen. We had absolutely no trouble with the color pay off of this shade and loved how rich it looked on the skin.

Chaos: This color is a “bright blue matte with floating tonal pearl” but comes off as more of a matte than a pearl. The pigmentation was slightly chalky and spotty at parts so we recommend going back and patting extra on to make the look as seamless as possible.

Electric Palette: Aquamarine Eye Look

Urban Decay Electric Palette: Aquamarine Eye Look

Before you start your look, you’ll need to gather some supplies. Make sure to pick up:

Urban Decay Electric Palette: Aquamarine Eye Look

  1. Apply Revolt all over your eyelid for a wash of silver.
  2. Add Fringe to the outer half of your eyelid and blend it into the silver.
  3. Brush on a light wash of Freak to the middle of your eyelid and blend it in well with the other two colors. We opted to use some transitional browns from the Naked Palette to help us better blend the colors together.
  4. Line your lower lash line with Thrash to brighten up your eyes.
  5. Apply a thin line of black eyeliner to your upper eyelid and blend out the shadow with a brush to create a smooth transition.
  6. Curl your eyelashes and prep them for mascara.
  7. Add a thin coat of mascara onto your top and bottom lashes.
  8. Run a little bit of white eyeliner into the inner 1/3 of your bottom lash line to open up your eyes. Voilà, you’re finished!

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