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The new and limited edition Vice 3 Palette from Urban Decay is out and we finally got the chance to get our hands on it and do some swatches. A lot of people say that compared to the Vice 1 and the Vice 2, this one didn’t measure up to their normal UD standards — but we had to give it a try for ourselves.

From our first impression, we loved the colors that were included. Although they are in the same tonal range as their previous palettes (Vice 1, Vice 2), we still found a lot of gorgeous colors that we found to be unique and usable on a daily basis.

We also love the packaging and the cute makeup pouch that it comes with. The brush that we got was the only thing that was a downside for us, as it doesn’t really pick up colors well. (This goes the same for the brushes that we got from the original Naked palette as well).

On fallout and pigmentation: Overall, we would say it does have a bit of fallout, and some colors are better used wet than dry. The pigmentation is amazing for some, but does lose out on a few. We would say that it’s an amazing set but the price is a bit high ($60USD and $70CND). It is great for those that love UD and don’t have the Vice 1 or Vice 2, but it’s not a “must buy” like the Naked palettes.

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As you can see, the colors are kind of similar to the Vice 2 but with some variations. Our favorites right now are Sonic and Heroine. Check our swatches below to see what they look like when applied! These are all without primer so we can see how pigmented it really is.

vice swatches1

DTF: We’re in the series of neutrals. DTF is a nice neutral matte brown. It’s not remarkable but it’s not bad either. This is a nice everyday go-to color.

Downfall: This warm matte brown will look good on people with lighter skin. It goes on very well and blends fairly easily.

Undone: This is a pinky- beige matte satin color. The finish is completely matte and we think it is a bit too powdery. It did take a few applications to make it show on our skin (this probably wouldn’t be good for tanned or Asian skin tones).

Truth: This is a really nice pinky-white matte color. It goes on really easily but has a bit of fallout.

vice swatches2

Brokedown: A lovely gold, metallic brow that is shimmery. For us, it didn’t seem as pigmented, and we needed a few applications.

Heroine: Love, love this color. It goes on really well and you don’t need much to create the bold color. It comes off darker than the blue suggests.

Freeze: It’s a nice shimmery blueish grey color. The color goes on well but is does create a bit of fallout.

Dragon: One of the ones we like the least. It doesn’t go on very well and it’s not as pigmented or buttery as the other ones.


vice swatches3

Vanity: This is a lovely purple that we adore. The pigmentation is good, and it’s a must-have color!

Lucky: Although it doesn’t look like what the product looks like, it still is one of our favorites. It’s a gold copperish metallic color that stays on very well as well as blends very well.

Reign: It doesn’t stay on as long, but it’s a good everyday neutral color that has good pigmentation.

Bobby Dazzle: With light shimmery colors, it’s always better to use a primer. It does show up decently, but it didn’t have the same pigmentation that Sin does.

vice swatches4

Sonic: One of our favorites — sonic is a glimmery copper red that has amazing pigmentation and application.

Bondage: This one has amazing color and goes on beautifully with just once application. The color doesn’t really match up to what it looks like in the box though.

Alchemy: This came out more red than magenta, which was what we expected.

Alien: The color was too light for our skin and it required a lot for it to show. We don’t like the color as much as the other pinks.

vice swatches5

Revolver: Kind of a mixture between Gunmetal and Creed. This is a nice glimmery black. Unfortunately, it’s not as dark as others.

Defy: This one wasn’t rated very highly on other sites, but we didn’t hate it. It wasn’t as pigmented as we hoped, and the application wasn’t as good, but it does blend fairly well.

Angel: This didn’t stand as high as we’d hoped. The color looks nice but doesn’t go as well when applied. You need primer to make this last.

Last Sin: This is very similar to “sin” from the original naked palette, but with more of a pink tone. It does go on well but it doesn’t last very long.

Are you getting the Vice 3 palette?

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