Vivian and Design&Grind Bring Some Inspiration into Your Life

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Vivian likes Cheetos. She REALLY likes Cheetos. To the point that Cheetos were the source of inspiration behind her newly launched printshop, Design&Grind. Vivian saw the orange mess on her fingers as art, and from that moment, she recognized her passion. She now fuels her passion for art through graphic and print design, and is doing this to inspire others. Design&Grind was made to bring some color, happiness, and inspiration into other people’s lives. The motivating quotes and colorful prints can really brighten up a room, and that is what Vivian aims to do.

Vivian gathers inspiration from everything she has been through. An example of this would be her print, The Elephant That Never Forgets, where she reminisces on her trip to Thailand when she had the chance to ride an elephant. It was there that she heard the story of how the elephants would not run away because they were tied to a little wooden peg. The wooden peg held the 15000 pound elephant back (that it could have easily walk away from) because it cannot forget how it held them back when it was a little baby elephant. The elephants settled with the idea that they could not break free. Vivian does not want to be the elephant that never forgets – she wants to break free from anything that ever held her back before. She has now done so with Design&Grind.

Vivian will be posting a 3-part series next week – keep an eye out for her posts! Along with that, we will be launching a giveaway so you get the chance to win some of her prints!

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