How To Make The Walk Of Shame A Little Less Shameful

Walk of shame

The morning sun is making it’s way through the blinds. You start to open your eyes, blinking slowly, trying to absorb the unfamiliar scene around you. Your eyes adjust to the light and you roll over to find a stranger lying next to you. Your memories are a little hazy but you remember exactly what happened. You roll over slowly, making sure not to move the bed too much. You slowly make your way out of his bed while looking for all your belongings. You need to make sure you grab everything. You slip into last nights dress that smells of alcohol and regret, grab your clutch, phone, earrings, and heels and make your way to the door. Tiptoeing quietly, praying his floors don’t squeak, you find your hand on the doorknob. Please don’t squeak you think to yourself as you turn the knob.

You hear his roommates talking in their room and you pray that you don’t see any of them on the way out. You quietly peek through the door to make sure the way is clear. You debate ducking into the washroom to fix your makeup but you can’t risk being there any longer. So you dash for the door, open it, and leave. At this point you’ve still got your heels in hand. You hurry to the elevator and hope you don’t see anyone until you’ve managed to put them on. When you’re safe behind elevator doors, you breathe a sigh of relief. You finally put on your heels and attempt to fix your hair and make up with the help of the elevator mirror. You grab your sunglasses and pop them on to hide the horrid hot mess.

You breathe in the fresh air and let the sun warm your skin. Just keep your head down you think to yourself. Don’t look at anyone. You make your way into a nearby Starbucks and use the washroom there. You’ve packed concealer and mascara so you do what you can with it. You comb your hands through your hair to tame it. You apply a little bit of lipstick and adjust your dress to make sure it’s on the right way. You give yourself one last look and leave yesterday’s regrets behind.

As you walk out of the washroom, you hold your head up high. You order a double shot mocha latte and smile to the barista. You wait patiently for your drink and observe your surroundings. No one knows. Stop being so paranoid. People just think you like to dress up. Walk with confidence, keep your head up, and smile. You have nothing to be ashamed of. And when you realize this, you will finally be free.

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