Wanted: Cuddle Buddy, and Here’s How to Get One


If you’re in the mood for some spooning instead of some sex, there might just be an app for that. While Tinder and Grindr are known for finding that quick and casual hook up, Cuddlr aims to be a sex-free alternative.

Similar to previous matchmaking apps, Cuddlr connects you through your Facebook page and then uses your phone’s GPS functions to find a cuddle buddy within your area, usually within walking distance. Unlike Tinder, though, Cuddlr eliminates users’ age and gender.

But like its predecessors, it requires the use of both parties’ interest before being able to message each other.

Once a match is found, people have 15 minutes to respond to your request and if accepted the app will then help direct you two to each other, for that quick cuddle buddy cuddle.


And since the app is built on this platonic-only ideal, users can rate each other as “good” or “ok” or “inappropriate.”

According to the app’s creator Charlie Williams, according to his post on Medium, the app allows users to see ratings for each cuddle buddy and their success. If someone has had a lot of assessment from other users, it’s a sign that he or she is good at communication, cuddling, and respecting boundaries.

“It’s Touch, Not Sex”

While this app may seem like a mockery to some, Williams hopes to encourage a discussion and a new way to build relationships (platonic or not) between individuals.

As Williams explains, we have grown in a society where app-enabled sex is a norm, or at least comfortable, but intimate touch without the sexual nature can be uncomfortable for a majority of people.

“Aside from finding like-minded cuddlers, it’s also a way of contributing to a larger discussion about closeness, intimacy, and sexuality,” he says. “Someone might generally date people who look a certain way, but cuddle people who look lots of different ways. Sometimes this might even realign their views on who they’d be happy dating; other times it will just get them more cuddles.”

While the Cuddlr is meant to keep a cuddle buddy a cuddle buddy, of course, it’s always up to the individuals if they want to exchange phone numbers and pursue something more.

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