See a lot of people outside rocking the same coyote fur jacket? Yes, you know I’m talking about Canada Goose and it’s dominating presence in winter fashion. How else will people stay warm? Well, you’d be surprised at how many different winter jacket varieties there are that will protect you from the cold blasts of Old Man Winter just as nicely as the Goose. See if any of these down jackets catch your fancy!

Winter Jackets

1. North Face

This is a well known brand that has always been a strong contender in the coat game. Their parkas are simple and cinched in at the waist to create a silhouette. 

Winter Jackets

2. Patagonia

If there was ever a warm affordable jacket without all the bells and whistles, this is it. You have a solid down jacket that will keep you warm enough to withstand winter camping. Yes, people do this.  

Winter Jacket

3. Moose Knuckle

It’s still pretty popular among ladies but not as frequently seen as the Canada Goose. If you’re ok with the two dangling pom poms then go forth.

Winter Jackets

4. Artic Expedition

If you can’t give up your Canada Goose look, opt for this brand name jacket instead. The faux fur looks really good so you haven’t sacrificed an animal for warmth and style in a winter jacket.

Winter JAckets

5. Soia and Kyo

This is the most feminine and stylish jacket on the list. It’s definitely cheaper than a Goose and much more flattering. 

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